Filming Equipment

When using video analysis software, the most important part of your process is to have good quality video from effective sports performance analysis filming equipment. For the best quality video and filming height, we recommend our fixed and portable AP Capture IP Camera solutions. If these don’t suit your budgets, we recommend some alternative filming equipment advice below.

We also have a section about the capture devices you should use in conjunction with the video analysis software Nacsport. To take a video feed into Nacsport for live capture from an SDI or HDMI source, you will need to use one of these capture devices. The most professional video capture equipment is the AP Multifeed Capture Box, which turns up to four SDI or HDMI feeds into RTSP feeds for video capture and sharing.

If you want some ideas for the best laptops to consider for your performance analysis, you can contact us and also check out this post from Nacsport about the best 5 laptop computers for sports video analysis software.

If you are looking to create a wireless network, to enable live sharing of video and data to other devices in your video analysis processes, then check out the AP Wireless solutions.

Sony VCT-VPR1 Tripod


When looking at sports performance analysis filming equipment, nearly all activities benefit from a high vantage point for your camera. After this, the next biggest impact on your filming is having a good tripod. We recommend this Sony tripod as a great option because it has a fluid head movement and an integrated remote control on the tripod arm. You can connect this to a Sony handycam and vastly improve your filming by being able to easily zoom in and out, whilst panning the camera with the tripod arm. Obviously, the additional height and stable platform for your camera given by the tripod is also a big factor.

To see our fully integrated IP Camera solution with a portable tripod, which will take the 4K PTZ IP Camera up to 6 metres for high-quality filming, check out this page on the AP Capture Sports Mast.

Sony CX450 Camera


When it comes to getting started with a video camera, we think the Sony handycams are a great option. Most are designed for the tripod above and provide you with HD footage. As a starting camera, we recommend the Sony CX450 Handycam. Higher spec models are available but when tight on budget, this camera should do a great job for you. The standard battery will comfortably film for 60 minutes, but to cover a full game you can also purchase this extended battery and not have to worry about running out or changing. You will also need to get a memory card to go with the camera. We would recommend 32GB as a good working storage and Class 10 speed for faster transfers.

The team over at Nacsport have also provided some recommendations on the best video cameras to use for sports video analysis.

You may also want to look at the benefits of using IP Cameras for filming sport here.

Avermedia Capture Devices

Capture Devices

Most cameras now give an HDMI output and you can use this to live capture into Nacsport. Nacsport is optimised to work with the Avermedia capture devices, which are both affordable and portable as they are powered from your laptop’s USB port. Capture devices are great to have in your sports performance analysis filming equipment.

To start, the Avermedia Live Gamer Mini will take an HDMI feed into Nacsport in the most affordable way. The Avermedia Live Gamer Portable can do the same as above, but can also record directly onto a memory card. If you can get an HDMI feed but not use your laptop, this is a great way to record footage. If you are receiving an SDI feed, use the Avermedia ExtremeCap SDI. The Avermedia ExtremeCap UVC is the HDMI alternative. It is like the Live Gamer Mini, but is smaller, faster and recommended for professional use.

You can see Nacsport’s further recommendations and ratings of these video capture devices on their support page here.

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