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  • Bradley Grice

MMAD mirroring the top flight with AP Capture & Nacsport – Part 2

As you may have seen on our social media, we are working with a local school rugby team called MMAD to help them mirror top flight performance analysis processes. You can read Part 1 about the project here.

This article details our setup at a rugby festival hosted by MMAD. For us, it was a chance to bring a selection of video analysis tools to work in synergy together, and what spectacle it turned out to be! Regardless of your sport, if you like performance analysis, video analysis, filming sport or even watching sport, this article is going to be pretty exciting for you!

The personnel on the day made the difference, thanks to the MMAD team being enthusiastic and ready to take part in learning the processes. Jon and I were showing them how to use all of their equipment, empowering them to use it on their own for future fixtures and training sessions.


We always say that all good video analysis processes start with good video footage. Well, we could certainly tick this one off!

Built with performance analysis in mind, the recent AP Capture installation at MMAD allowed for top quality video capture. With the 4K PTZ IP Camera attached via a fence bracket on the halfway line, it gives the perfect elevation and viewpoint for high quality filming.

Inside this top container is the filming station. Here you just plug in your laptop, press record and you are away! We used the joystick to follow the action with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom to get the best view of the action.

Whilst capturing, MMAD run a live stream of their events so people can watch and review live, and of course watch back afterwards too (like you can here):

Anyone can log in and watch the event from anywhere in the world, so it’s ideal for parents who can’t always make the event, but want to watch their superstar in the making! One coach was even unwell at home but managed to tune it to watch his team.

With AP Capture it’s easy to have a scoreboard (controlled wirelessly by a tablet) overlaid, intermittent sponsor logos appear and (as you may see through this stream) pre-recorded videos mixing in too! We’re proud of this last addition, as AP Capture live streamers can easily play a video to their audience during the stream, whether that is promotional material, team videos, adverts or replays (the possibilities are endless!). There is an example of this if you go to 1:43:22 on the live stream (well, just click here and we will take you there!).

I went to pitch side and could watch the live stream on my phone! Imagine if you were the head coach and had that in your pocket?

But we didn’t stop there!


AP Capture will create an MP4 file ready for post event video analysis processes, but it will also give you the footage via the IP feed to capture on a 2nd machine for live tagging! Here we show the feed from AP Capture displayed in the Nacsport video analysis software, so that everyone could also take their turn to live code the game whilst someone else was filming.

Live coding is a great process to use for getting in-game feedback. It lessens the workload of tagging post event and importantly, it can give you a statistical breakdown of what’s happening on the pitch to better understand the performance and make an impact.

Here is Bradley from MMAD checking his stats whilst live tagging.

You can achieve so much with the Nacsport video analysis software live and post event. You can use your tags to create powerful presentations with KlipDraw telestrations overlaid for example, which leads me on to the sharing element of the video analysis process.


The coding of a game to create a timeline of events and a statistical dashboard is great, but what about filtering out the stuff that really matters to understanding performance?

In Nacsport, you can cherry pick the best clips and create presentations enhanced with KlipDraw Animations. You can present from within the software or export these clips as an MP4 to share as you wish (think WhatsApp, Google Drives etc.)

But in this case, we have the ability to send this presentation to the cloud-based platform ‘Sharimg’, where the players get individual login details to watch the presentations from their own devices or the full game and analysis via a data matrix.

You can even empower players to pick out moments and clip them online, creating player lists and so on, but this is a story for another article!

Round up!

High quality filming whilst live streaming with a scoreboard, clock, sponsor logos and videos, WHILST live capturing into Nacsport for live and post event video analysis processes is not out of reach.

With the right selection of tools working together and the right team to advise you (us at AnalysisPro), you can have the performance analysis setup you need to develop your teams and enhance your coaching feedback!

Our next stage of this project with MMAD is to refine the template and Dashboard and get the players used to logging in and viewing the analysis themselves. On the next feature, we may use a few more processes such as live streaming to the bench too!

Click here to learn more about the different Nacsport Versions available

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