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From the Pitch to the Screen: How AP Capture is Revolutionising University Sports Streaming

Live streaming sports events has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the arrival of IP camera systems like AP Capture, universities and organisations now have a reliable and efficient solution to live stream their events. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at how the University of Bedfordshire (UofB) has leveraged AP Capture's advanced IP camera technology for live streaming their sports events. We'll explore the challenges they faced prior to implementing AP Capture, why they chose it over other IP camera systems, and the specific benefits they have experienced since implementing it. We'll examine how the university has used AP Capture to optimise their reach and engagement with a wider audience and provide recommendations for other universities and organisations looking to leverage IP camera technology for live streaming their own sports events.



What is AP Capture?

AP Capture is the ultimate IP Camera system for sports filming and analysis, offering both portable and fixed options. Our portable telescopic sports mast, with a military-grade design, is fully weatherproof and self-powered, making it easy to capture high-quality footage from anywhere, even in the worst conditions. With a 4K IP Camera featuring ultra-high resolution and 12x optical zoom, you can rest assured that you'll capture all the action in stunning detail. What's more, the AP Capture software enables live streaming to Facebook or YouTube, so nobody misses out on the game.

Our fixed IP Cameras can be installed on dedicated masts or existing structures and can be controlled from indoor locations, with multiple cameras installed across a site. AP Capture V2 even allows you to capture and control two IP Cameras at the same time on one machine.

Our IP Camera solutions are not only easy to use and reliable but are also designed specifically for sports video analysis and broadcasting, making them the best in class. The AP Capture software and IP Camera configurations are developed to provide smooth and simultaneous camera movement patterns, essential for filming sports. With a joystick connected to your laptop, you can pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) simultaneously, capturing a single MP4 file with mixed sound sources directly onto your device. The video file can be used across multiple devices and software for further video analysis.

Challenges faced by the University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire faced numerous challenges when it came to streaming their fixtures. Initially, they found it difficult to understand the requirements needed to implement such a system. Furthermore, they were looking for a product that was both professional and user-friendly while still being affordable. AP Capture proved to be the perfect solution for their needs, meeting all their criteria and providing them with a reliable, high-quality product that allowed them to capture and stream their sporting events seamlessly.

“From the initial idea to stream fixtures we found it extremely confusing and hard to understand exactly what was needed. We wanted a product that was professional, user friendly and within budget. AP Capture ticked all the boxes.” Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

Why they chose AP Capture over other options

For the University of Bedfordshire, choosing the right equipment to stream their sports fixtures was an important decision. With many options available, it was crucial to find a solution that could meet their requirements and deliver the desired results. The University of Bedfordshire sought a solution that could deliver high-quality footage suitable for live streaming on their YouTube channel. Portability was also crucial to enable multiple teams to benefit from the solution. Additionally, they needed a high-quality system that could function effectively regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

With all this in mind, AP Capture stood out as a top choice for the university, thanks in part to its reputation as a flexible, reliable and high-quality solution, and it coming highly recommended by other universities. This gave the university confidence that AP Capture was a reliable and effective solution that could meet their needs.

“AP capture was highly recommended from a work colleague who successfully used the hardware in a different institution.” Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

Using AP Capture for Live Streaming

Live-streaming sports events has become an essential part of the University of Bedfordshire's sports program, providing an opportunity for students, staff, and supporters to watch the action in real time. The University uses AP Capture to film and broadcast its Wednesday British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) fixtures, which can be viewed in the University bars and on their YouTube channel.

With AP Capture, live streaming your IP Camera footage to YouTube or Facebook is easier than ever. You no longer need to worry about additional software, computers, or extra staff. With just a few simple steps, AP Capture allows you to focus on capturing high-quality footage, while it takes care of the rest and your fans and followers can enjoy the live stream on their own devices. Additionally, AP Capture creates an MP4 file for you to review or analyse after your event for teams to gain a deeper understanding of their performance.

Say goodbye to the complexities of live streaming and hello to a more streamlined process with AP Capture.

"The teams really step up, mainly because they have friends, parents or coaches watching. The footage is also great for the teams to identify areas for improvement when analysing the footage after the game" Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

Benefits of AP Capture

One of the key benefits of using AP Capture for live-streaming sports events is being able to engage a wider audience. With AP Capture, viewers can easily access the live stream via Facebook or YouTube on their own devices, whether they are watching from home or on the go. The quality HD footage provides an engaging and immersive experience for the audience. In addition, the live stream allows fans, friends, and family members who may not be able to attend the event in person to still be a part of the action and support their favourite teams. AP Capture has not only increased engagement among their audience but has also expanded the reach of the University's sports events.

Another benefit of live-streaming sports events is the ability to run advertisements and promotions during breaks in play. This is particularly beneficial for sponsors and advertisers who are looking to reach a targeted audience. With AP Capture, you can easily insert pre-recorded advertisements or promotions into your live stream, which will be visible to all viewers. This provides a great opportunity for sponsors to showcase their brand to a wider audience, while also generating revenue for the University. Additionally, the university itself can promote new sports teams and clubs to further increase participation and engagement.

“This is the first season of streaming and the feedback we are getting is very positive on how professional the streams look with the scoreboard, timer and adverts.” Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

“Streaming has given me and my team mates the ability to rewatch our games and hone in on issues to improve our performance. This has been proven where in the past we were beaten. We then reviewed our game footage and then played the same team beating them 3-0. I 100% base this result on us being able to identify our mistakes, the visual aid of seeing the game play out in real time was invaluable” Geoffrey Jackson - UofB Student

Impact on reach and engagement

With the use of AP Capture, the University of Bedfordshire has been able to expand their reach and engage with a wider audience. Streaming on YouTube has provided an opportunity to market the University's offerings and showcase their facilities to potential students and spectators. By live streaming their sports events, the University has been able to attract viewers from different parts of the UK and even other countries, who would not have been able to attend the fixtures in person. This has allowed the University to reach a larger and more diverse audience, which is important for any institution seeking to expand its reach and reputation. Furthermore, the ability to stream matches has also increased the exposure of the university's sports teams, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience.

“Streaming on YouTube has allowed us to reach audiences we have never reached before. It also allows us to market the University’s offering and showcase our great facilities. We have successfully streamed 15 fixtures so far this season with over 4000 views from all over the UK and even from other countries.” Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

Would you recommend AP Capture to other universities or organisations?

“I would highly recommend AP Capture, everything from the hardware to the software is quality, but most of all you don’t need to be a broadcasting technician to stream to a professional standard.” Daniel Larkin - Sports and Wellbeing Manager at UofB

Live streaming sports events can be a great way to engage audiences, showcase facilities, and reach new markets. From the experience of the University of Bedfordshire, it is clear that using AP Capture for live streaming sports events has brought about significant benefits, such as increased audience engagement, improved team performance, and new marketing opportunities. Given these benefits, it is no surprise that Daniel, the University's Sports and Wellbeing Manager, would recommend AP Capture to other universities or organisations looking to live stream sports events. The ease of use, affordability, and ability to deliver high-quality streams to wider audiences are some of the reasons that make AP Capture a standout solution in the live streaming industry.


The University of Bedfordshire has experienced numerous benefits since implementing AP Capture to live stream their sports events. They have been able to engage with a wider audience, market their university, and even generate a new revenue stream through advertising. The teams have been more motivated to perform knowing they have friends, family, and coaches watching, and the footage has provided invaluable feedback for improvement. If you would like to learn more about how AP Capture can benefit your university or organisation, you can reach out to our team below for more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring your sports events to a wider audience and engage your community like never before.

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