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  • Josh Bryan

Analysis in Education – Part 1 of the Intensive Interaction Project

If you keep up to date with our twitter feed, you may know that we held a series of workshops at Exeter House School instructing on how to use Codimg as part of an Intensive Interaction research project. We will look to post a few blogs detailing parts of this project so that you can see how the global processes used in performance analysis can be applied in different settings and aren’t just specific to sport. With this blog post, we want to give an overview of the project. If you can’t wait to see more information on the project, there is already a website set up with further details, screenshots and videos of the whole project in action which you can access here: ProFoundCoding

Who’s Involved

Previously, we have worked with CARIAD (the Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts and Design) and Cardiff Metropolitan University to implement video analysis processes into educational settings. At CARIAD’s launch event at the Senedd, Leah McLaughlin (research assistant for CARIAD) introduced Andrew Walker to Jon and AnalysisPro Ltd. Andrew is from Exeter House School and has used technology in his teaching practices, so the group set about discussing how they could implement video analysis coding processes into further studying and assessing sessions using a teaching method called Intensive Interaction, which is used with children who have Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (CLDD). Andrew’s colleage from Exeter House School, Rachel Woodhouse, and Dawn Brown from Greenside School also joined the team due to the extensive teaching they carry out using and studying Intensive Interaction.

What Happened Next

After brainstorming and submitting a proposal, the group received a Strategic Insight Programme award from Cardiff Metropolitan University which would give everyone involved the chance to attend three workshop days at Exeter House School. Here we had the opportunity to learn more about the school and Intensive Interaction, but it also allowed us to educate the group on performance analysis processes and how to use different filming solutions, Codimg Video Analysis software, the Nacsport Tag&Go app and Team Performance Exchange as part of a powerful analysis workflow that could enhance their learning environment and use of Intensive Interaction. We will look at these processes in further detail with subsequent blog posts.

Close To Heart

On the first day, Josh got the opportunity to meet the team, introduce himself and learn more about the project as a whole and what Intensive Interaction is. This project is very close to Josh’s heart as his eldest brother has physical and learning disabilities, so he has enjoyed seeing how the teaching methods and provisions for special needs children has developed over time and continues to do so thanks to the hard work and dedication of teachers like Andrew, Rachel and Dawn. Josh is really confident that the teaching and support that we can provide to these Educational Settings, along with the priceless research and facilitation provided by Leah and CARIAD, will see video analysis become an integral tool in furthering understanding of teaching methods and providing an evidence-based tool to monitor and show children’s progress in these specialist environments and beyond.

Following Blogs

Our next blogs will look further into the processes taught during the workshop sessions. We will be providing you with some videos showing some of the training, along with tutorial resources created for the group that show some of the workflows used. But for now we will leave you with this image of the final template created and transferred onto the Tag&Go app.


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