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Elevating Athlete Development at Hartpury University with AP Capture

In the world of sports, success isn't solely about training and competition; it's also about the tools that drive athlete development. For Hartpury University & College, a proud partner of AnalysisPro, the key to their success lies in harnessing the power of AP Capture. In this case study, we'll explore how Hartpury have utilised this top-tier video analysis solution for their student-athletes, setting a new standard in sports education.


Marc Richards: A Journey of Growth

Marc Richards, Assistant Director of Elite Sport at Hartpury University, is at the forefront of Hartpury's incredible journey with AP Capture. Their collaboration with AnalysisPro began over six years ago when they initiated a new sports academy building and integrated IP cameras into their state-of-the-art sports hall.

"For our netball and futsal provision, it's been fantastic," Marc enthuses. This innovative technology has allowed them to elevate the training experience for their student-athletes. They've come a long way since then, growing from just three AP Capture IP cameras to a remarkable twelve spread across the campus.

These cameras cover various sports, including football, rugby, and equine, providing comprehensive coverage for their student-athletes. The integration of the audio element and live streaming has further enriched the experience, both from a sports academy and academic perspective.

Marc emphasises, "It’s been a really good addition to the student experience both from a sports academy perspective, where we have about 1,200 student-athletes across our 10 sports academies, but also from an academic perspective. It's been an integral part of our MSc Applied Performance Analysis in Sport program."

Phil Clarke: Transforming Education with AP Capture

Phil Clarke, the Head of Football Analysis at Hartbury University and College, provides insights into how AP Capture has transformed the educational landscape at Hartpury.

Their Performance Analysis suite serves as a hub for students to engage in the world of performance analysis. The utilisation of AP Capture cameras allows students to capture games from different angles, including tactical cameras behind goals and side views for games. This technology is not only fantastic for students, but it's also widely used across professional clubs.

Phil highlights the transformative impact of this technology: "It's all about learning and developing for both the analysts, but also the coaches and the players themselves." The ability to watch games from multiple angles has a profound effect on players' growth and development.

Their investment in technology has yielded impressive results, with over 35 players transitioning to professional football. The quality of video provided by AP Capture benefits not only the analysts but also coaches and players.

On a typical Wednesday, multiple sports are filmed, with students working collaboratively, often in pairs. The ability to stream games has opened up opportunities for international students' parents to watch their children play. It also provides a platform for athletes to showcase their talents live on platforms like YouTube channel, Hartpury Sport TV.

"We're very lucky that we have access to this facility, and we're thankful for Analysis Pro and AP Capture for helping ourselves as staff and also the athletes to become the best they can be."


Hartpury University & College's remarkable success story with AP Capture is a testament to the transformative power of IP cameras and video analysis tools in the world of sports education. It's a story of growth, innovation, and excellence in athlete development.

If you're an educational institution or sports academy looking to provide your students and athletes with the best tools for success, consider the example set by Hartpury University. AP Capture has the potential to elevate your programmes and empower the next generation of sports professionals.

Reach out to us today to explore how AP Capture can transform your institution and take athlete development to new heights.

AnalysisPro, enhancing athlete development and elevating sports education.



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