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  • Ollie Seymour

Hartpury University & Nacsport: Elevating Performance Analysis Modules

We understand the challenges faced in finding easy-to-use, affordable video analysis software for University Performance Analysis courses. It's a complex landscape and depending on your requirements, it can be very daunting to choose the right software.

In this case study, we explore how Hartpury University & College have harnessed the power of Nacsport, our advanced video analysis tool, to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students the art of performance analysis. Join us as we delve into their journey, discovering the ease, efficiency, and affordability that Nacsport brings to the educational arena.


Performance Analysis at Hartpury

Lawrence Protheroe, Manager of the MSc Applied Performance Analysis in Sport programme at Hartpury University, shares his experience with Nacsport. He explains that Hartpury runs two essential Performance Analysis modules, one in the second year and another in the third year, aimed at teaching students the intricacies of the analysis process. The challenge, however, lies in making this process accessible and straightforward to learn for new students.

Enter Nacsport

"We use Nacsport to help us do that. First, we guide students in capturing content using AnalysisPro's IP Cameras, AP Capture. Then, we seamlessly transition this content into Nacsport. The students create tagging windows to tag matches and, finally, develop dashboards at the end of the process."

This streamlined approach is fundamental to Hartpury's success. With 50 to 60 students in each year group, the need for user-friendly, efficient software is paramount. "We need a product that is simple to learn. Using Nacsport, students pick it up quickly, which is excellent for us. It enables us to focus on the theory, rather than spending excessive time teaching the software."

Luke Brick, another key figure at Hartpury University, offers further insights into the university's success story. As a lecturer and programme manager for the MSc Applied Performance Analysis in Sport course, Luke understands the importance of having the right tools to deliver the course effectively. He emphasises... "We use a range of resources that AnalysisPro provides us with to support the course, including Nacsport and AP Capture IP Cameras. These tools are pivotal in our postgraduate program."

Luke goes on to describe how students at Hartpury are deeply involved in working with sports academy teams across various sports like football, rugby, and netball, "AP Capture is an integral part of our toolkit. Students utilise it weekly to film all BUCS games across the campus."

The extent of their commitment to this program is evident in the 12 AP Capture IP cameras placed strategically around the campus, covering football pitches, rugby pitches, indoor arenas, and even the equine department.

Luke highlights a pivotal aspect of their approach, stating... "Our postgraduate students film and record all performances and link them within their Nacsport software. This integration enables us to provide immediate feedback where possible."

Transforming Performance Analysis Education with Nacsport

Hartpury University's experience with Nacsport demonstrates the transformative power of this advanced video analysis tool in the educational setting. Let's take a closer look at the key elements that have contributed to their success.

Streamlined Learning: Nacsport's intuitive interface and seamless integration with Hartpury's IP Cameras make it easy for students to grasp the complexities of performance analysis. This streamlined learning approach not only saves time but also enhances the educational experience.

Efficiency: With Nacsport, Hartpury's students have the tools they need to efficiently tag matches and create insightful dashboards. This efficiency empowers students to focus on the core principles of performance analysis.

Affordability: Nacsport offers lifetime licences, annual subscriptions and educational discounts (when applicable), so there are options for all requirements and budgets.

Real-World Application: The use of AP Capture and Nacsport in unison, working with sports academy teams provides students with real-world, hands-on experience. This practical application of knowledge is invaluable for their future careers.


Hartpury University & College's journey with Nacsport is a story of transformation, where students have access to a user-friendly, efficient, and affordable solution that empowers them to excel in the field of performance analysis and set them up for future careers in the industry.

If you're a sports educator or a university looking to provide your students with the best tools for success, consider this streamlined setup by Hartpury University. Nacsport has the potential to elevate your educational programmes and equip the next generation of sports analysts.

Reach out to us today to explore how Nacsport can transform your educational institution.

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