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  • Josh Bryan

Esther Wills (FA Wales) Interview

In this recently released blog (2014), you will have seen that FA Wales have chosen our AP Capture Mobile Tripod Solution and a cohort of Nacsport Tag&Go licences to enhance their video analysis workflows. Please use the hyperlinks to see the previous post and further information on AP Capture and Tag&Go.

Esther Wills has been the Performance Analysis Manager for FA Wales since 2008. She is the Lead Analyst for both the Wales Men’s National Squad and the FAW/UEFA Pro Licence Coach Edcuation Course. Esther was kind enough to take time out of her recent training camp to answer a few questions for us on both AP Capture and Tag&Go.

Esther Wills FAW using MyTPE and MyTPA

What impressed you about the mobile tripod solution when you first saw it?

I liked the fact that although it is a mobile system, it is sturdy and provides a good quality, stable image. Also, the responsiveness of the joystick control pad allows for smooth panning and zooming of the camera. The ability to jump back to set positions (with the preset buttons) is great for filming training sessions where repetitions of practices start again as soon as the last one finished. Obviously the combination of image quality and file size is very important and it provides a very useable file in that respect.

Where and when will it be used?

Our analysts will be using the solution for training sessions with our National Squads and also where applicable on our Coach Education courses. It will also provide us with the ability to film from behind goal at our National Football Development Centre at Dragon Park.

What impact will it have?

Reviewing the tactical elements of our training sessions with coaches and players is a big part of the work we do with our National Squads. It will allow us to provide footage filmed from suitable angles for analysis of distances between players and units. We will now be able to obtain suitable footage wherever we are training. The ability to film certain sessions from the most appropriate angle will also provide a greater insight on our Coach Education courses.

Will it open the door for any more workflows?

I like the flexibility of the system. It can be used to simply film a session or can be used in conjunction with other software. We use a range of analysis systems with various squads and on different Coach Education courses, and we wouldn’t have invested in the system if it did not work in conjunction with our current workflows.
Nacsport video analysis software and Nacsport Tag&view on iPad and iPhone

Why did you choose it?

The interface is easy to use for analysts and coaches and provides all the functions we require within our workflows. It is also very reasonably priced.

Who will use the licences?

Analysts working with national squads will use the app as well as Coach Mentors on our UEFA A Licence courses.

How will the licences be used?

They will be used in conjunction with AP Capture for coding training sessions and importing the XML in to our various analysis systems. They will also be used by our senior staff to develop resources for our Coach Education programme, e.g. when watching matches either at a stadium or at home on TV. They will also have an application in terms of our scouting for the national and intermediate squads.

What impact will it have?

Tag & Go will allow us to get the best use out of the AP Capture system and in other aspects of our work, it will improve the efficiency of our workflows.

We want to say a big thanks to Esther for taking the time out of her busy working schedule to provide us with these answers!


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