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  • Ollie Seymour

How Narberth Players Took Control with Video Analysis

Nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Narberth RFC are a proud Welsh rugby union club steeped in local tradition. They currently compete in the prestigious WRU Admiral National Championship West. They have been going through a big transition this season, with a new coaching team, new players and a new league structure to contend with. Another change to Narberth RFC this season is the introduction of Nacsport Hub. They chose to deploy our online video analysis sharing solution, to engage players new and old with video analysis, streamline communication between players and coaches and empower the team to take ownership of their personal development.

Narberth RFC video review session using Nacsport Hub
Narberth RFC video review session using Nacsport Hub

At the time of writing this blog, Narberth RFC are unbeaten for the 2023/24 season, they sit a the top of the WRU Admiral National Championship West and are waiting to see who they draw in the semi-final of the WRU Championship Cup. They are relishing the thought of a cup final at the Principality Stadium, home of Welsh rugby. We spoke to some of the team at Narberth RFC to learn how they are using Nacsport Hub to prepare for games, communicate, and develop as a squad and as individuals.

Bradley - Prop

As a player, using Nacsport Hub is a very easy way to review either the whole game or view the analysis clips for certain areas I am interested in. I'm a prop, so the scrums are a crucial part of my game. I use Nacsport Hub to review the scrums from previous games to identify any improvements I can make or even look at the opposition.
I think one of the reasons our team have adopted Nacsport Hub so easily is because we can all access it from an app on our phones. If I’m out and about or have 5 -10 minutes spare I can create clips from a game on my phone and save them to a list so I can look at them later, or I can create a post and send it to my coaches to ask questions or ask for feedback so I can keep improving as a player.

Nacsport Hub app
Creating a clip on the Nacsport Hub app

Nacsport Hub isn't just about reviewing game footage; it's about empowering players to take ownership of their development. By giving them the tools and time to reflect before training, you're setting them up for success, both on and off the field.

  • Increased player buy-in: When players are actively involved in their own performance analysis, they're more invested in improvement.

  • Enhanced focus and concentration: Pre-review reduces cognitive overload during training, allowing players to fully focus on specific areas of improvement.

  • Boosted communication and collaboration: Interactive analysis sessions foster a collaborative environment where players and coaches work together to achieve common goals.

Johnathan - Fly Half

Having been involved with rugby teams that have used other analysis tools/apps, I am so glad we have now moved on to Nacsport Hub for this year! Saving so much time, with its easy-to-use website and app, where I can look at the fine details of analysis or just watch a certain moment in the game. It is the difference between a boring 30mins analysis session and a 10-minute productive session!
Saving clips and sharing them with the coaching team and teammates is also a big plus and has had a positive effect on performance on Saturdays. You don't need any IT Skills to get started and there are easy to follow how-to videos if you get stuck with anything. I would 100% recommend it to any team looking to upgrade their system and take it to the next level.

Narberth RFC video analysis review session using nacsport
Nacsport Hub video analysis review session before training

Narberth RFC have only been using Nacsport Hub since the beginning of the season but it has already made a big impact on the team's approach to performance analysis. Players feel much more involved in the analysis process. This increase in player engagement helps the coaching team with player development, styles of play and tactics. Being able to review analysis on the go helps coaches keep video review sessions short and to the point.

Tom (Captain) - Back Row

Being able to analyse my clips every week has allowed me to pick apart my performance and improve my whole game. Nacsport Hub is easy to navigate and user-friendly, with the analysis matrix giving me quick access to specific moments of the game. It has allowed me to progress my performance at a much quicker rate.

Narberth RFC

A word from the coaches...

Liam Gadd - Head Coach

The introduction of Nacsport and Nacsport Hub as our analysis tools has had a positive impact on the team. Hub allows coaches and players to interact remotely and instantly via presentations, chat functions etc. I would highly recommend Nacsport Hub!

Mathew John - Conditioning / Defensive coach

Using the Hub allows us as coaches to analyse the game promptly before our session on Monday night. It's a very useful tool as we can tag players and coaches in clips that they can access immediately. It is easy for the whole team to use and navigate the platform to find our detailed library of previous games and presentations. It is a cut above the other packages we have previously used. I would highly recommend it. 

Ricky Guest - Forwards Coach

Nacsport Hub is very user-friendly. The functionality of the app is great for players, where they can review clips from coaches remotely. It has added a different dimension to our session planning as you can build themes from the footage. 

As you can see from the comments of the coaching staff and players above, Nacsport Hub has played an important role in this transformative season at Narberth RFC. They have a leading position in the WRU Championship West and a continued presence in the WRU Championship Cup.

It has been a pleasure working with Narberth and seeing the positive impact of our video analysis solutions in a short space of time. Below we have added some additional information if you would like to learn more. If you would like to contact us to enquire about Nacsport Hub for your team or any of our other solutions, please get in touch using the button below.


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