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  • Josh Bryan

Gloucester Rugby choose Nacsport

We are really pleased to announce news of our growing relationship with Gloucester Rugby. Darren Lewis (Head of Performance Analysis) has kindly provided these words to give some background and more information about our growing relationship:

After having previously worked with AnalysisPro in my role at Bath Rugby, I was keen to continue that relationship at Gloucester Rugby due to their dedicated support, knowledge of the industry and continually developing tools and processes. I have been really impressed with the Nacsport software and it’s powerful, unique features on offer, not to mention their development speed. New features are being continually added, and we are confident that any feedback from our Academy and myself will be taken on board and implemented. I’m looking forward to seeing how new processes and tools impact on our workflows and performance at the club, and I’m confident that we will continue to receive top class support from AnalysisPro throughout.

Those Nacsport licences will underpin the workflows carried out at the 1st team level and enable the Academy to utilise many high-end processes. One of the main benefits of the Nacsport Scout Plus Unlimited version is that they will be able to open as many tabs of different timelines (their analysed games) as they want, then review a matrix of all that data together and create presentations with clips from those timelines too. This means that the Academy can compare performances across multiple games and create presentations of clips to show differences and improvements. All key processes for player development and increasing understanding!

Yesterday, I caught up with Darren, Tom and James at Gloucester’s training ground at Hartpury College to go over some new processes in Nacsport, along with reviewing feedback and requests that they have from their own experiences of using the tools. This is an important part of our business and ensures that our users can help to shape the development of the tools that they use day in, day out!

Everyone at AnalysisPro and Nacsport would like to thank Gloucester Rugby for their continued trust and support. We wish both the 1st team and Academy the best of luck for the forthcoming season. Finally, I would like to thank Darren for his words above and also James Macfarlane for the words you are about to read!

Now that we are using Nacsport at Gloucester Rugby, it will provide the support staff in the Academy with increased functionality at an affordable cost, whilst underpinning our current workflows at senior level. With strong links to Dean Close School, Cheltenham College and Hartpury College, it’s crucial that the analysis work done within our academy can be accessible by these organisations, something that was a huge influence in the decision to invest in Nacsport. Empowering the coaches to devise their own analysis workflows with a product such as Nacsport will enable them to maximise their influence and abilities to have an impact on practice. From an analysis department perspective, the ease of process from collecting video, analysing and then sharing video has been excellent. The dynamic software enables us to manage data efficiently and effectively at an affordable cost, along with utilising tools within the software to maximize day-to-day work procedures. With the excellent support from AnalysisPro to help with any questions and queries, we are confident that our video analysis processes will continue to develop and have a positive impact on performance.

James Macfarlane (Academy Analyst)


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