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Ice Hockey Video Analysis: Cardiff Devils' Success with AnalysisPro

Like all sports, Ice Hockey video analysts and coaches face a common challenge: finding accessible, impactful video analysis software solutions that can significantly enhance team performance. To show you our solution to this problem, we bring you the insightful journey of Cardiff Devils, a stalwart in the realm of UK Ice Hockey, leveraging many of AnalysisPro's tools to enhance their performance analysis setup.

Our team went behind the scenes with Gareth Hubback, Video Analyst for Cardiff Devils, at their home cup match against Coventry Blaze to see his processes in full flow.


Sending clips to the bench

We attended a pivotal cup match for Cardiff Devils against Coventry Blaze. Gareth Hubback, the key figure behind the Cardiff Devils' video analysis, provides insights into their evolutionary journey. His role isn’t confined to handling video analysis on game nights; he's the linchpin for data analysis and providing crucial insights to the coaching staff, including Head Coach Pete Russell and Assistant Coach Euan King. Gareth shows us the behind-the-scenes workflow of his video analysis process during this electrifying match.

"For the past six seasons, we've worked closely with AnalysisPro for our video analysis needs. This evening, we're utilising their AP Wireless equipment, a significant change for us, particularly when playing away games where Wi-Fi can be unreliable."

Gareth came to us with his challenges of sharing video data during live matches, especially in away games, where Wi-Fi reliability in stadiums and arenas can hinder this process. Our AP Wireless solution provides teams and video analysts with a portable option for easily creating their own independent wireless network without interference or relying on third party Wi-Fi. Lots of sports video analysis software, including Nacsport, enable you to share your video and data with other devices. This keeps your coaches and players well-informed during matches and enables you to make quick decisions to make an immediate impact.

“After finishing the first period, we have tagged over 288 clips. Some of these key clips will now be reviewed in the changing room, assessing what needs to be looked over, analysing the action, and identifying areas for improvement or potential changes in our systems. Moreover, we focus on what went well, what we should continue doing, and how we can build on that for the second period”.

Video analysis setup at cardiff devils Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Video Analysis with Nacsport Elite

Gareth uses Nacsport Elite for all his analysis at Devils. His Elite licence enables him to search for clips and visualise data from multiple games in data-rich dashboards. It also enables him to share clips in real-time down to the coaches on the bench. During a game, the coaches on the bench use Nacsport Coach Station to receive videos from Gareth, where they can watch what they want and when they need it. They can rewind, rewatch and make decisions, that can impact the game.

"The significance of video analysis in sports continues to grow. AnalysisPro have been pivotal in our journey, enabling us to win trophies in the past and hopefully continue to do so in the future."

Gareth's acknowledgement of the ever-growing significance of video analysis in sports is a testament to the evolution of performance analysis in sports. Our suite of tools like Nacsport and AP Wireless has been a pivotal player in the Devils' success, helping secure trophies in the past and charting a course for future victories.


As the Cardiff Devils embark on a quest to reclaim their winning ways, their alliance with AnalysisPro, alongside the adoption of Nacsport and AP Wireless, has emerged as a pivotal element in their journey toward success. These innovative tools have revolutionised the way the team approaches game analysis, ushering in a new era of competitiveness and precision.

Are you an Ice Hockey video analyst or coach seeking to elevate your team's performance analysis setup? Join us in exploring the success story of Cardiff Devils and discover how our suite of tools can transform your team's potential. Connect with AnalysisPro today and learn how Nacsport and AP Wireless can be the catalysts for success on your team's journey. Let's shape your team's success story together.

Cardiff Devils Workflow Solutions


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