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  • Ollie Seymour

Elevating Sports Performance Analysis Education at the University of Gloucestershire

The growing demand for effective sports performance analysis courses has made it challenging for universities to find the right tools and resources. The University of Gloucestershire, like many others, encountered these challenges until they contacted us to learn more about our video analysis solutions.

The Performance Analysis course at the University of Gloucestershire, under the expert guidance of academic lead Simon de Waal, is designed for aspiring sports performance analysts. This master's degree program is meticulously designed to equip students with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge required for a successful career in sports performance analysis. Within this dynamic academic setting, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum, delving into the intricacies of recording, analysing, and providing constructive feedback to coaches and players. The program emphasises a hands-on approach, preparing students to enhance sports performance through detailed analysis and feedback. With our support and industry-standard tools seamlessly integrated into the program, the learning experience is further enhanced and ensures that the University of Gloucestershire remains at the forefront of sports education, producing professionals ready to make a significant impact in the field of performance analysis.

AnalysisPro’s Partnership with The University of Gloucestershire

Simon de Waal sheds light on their performance analysis journey. The university runs performance analysis modules in their undergraduate degrees and a dedicated master's degree in sports performance analysis, aiming to prepare students for successful careers in the sports industry. The challenge was making the analysis process accessible and straightforward for new students.

"We use Nacsport to help us do that. First, we guide students in capturing content using AnalysisPro's IP Cameras, AP Capture. Then, we seamlessly transition this content into Nacsport. The students create tagging windows to tag matches and, finally, develop dashboards at the end of the process."

This streamlined approach has become a cornerstone of Gloucester's success. With Nacsport's intuitive interface and seamless integration with AnalysisPro's IP Cameras, students can now efficiently grasp the complexities of performance analysis without spending excessive time on learning intricate software and allowing educators to focus more on the theory, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Real-World Performance Analysis Application

The real-world application of Nacsport and AP Capture, especially in collaboration with their BUCS teams, provided Gloucester students with hands-on experience. The portable AP Capture Sports Mast can be deployed anywhere on campus, is available for all sports, and has become an integral part of their toolkit. Oscar Chester Roberts, lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis brings many years of experience working out in the field, supplying students with real-world, applied lessons in video analysis. “A significant part of being a sports performance analyst is the competency to record, analyse, and provide feedback to coaches, focusing on enhancing sports performance. However, without the right tools, our program lacked the necessary infrastructure for students to practice their analysis skills effectively.”

The added benefits of using these tools are not only for teaching analysis skills, but students are now able to provide detailed, data-driven feedback to university coaches, helping them make informed decisions about player development and team strategy. This maximises their investment in top-quality equipment for countless students at the university.


By combining the ease of use of AP Capture with the affordability of Nacsport, the University has created a comprehensive sports performance analysis program that prepares students for success in the field. The University of Gloucestershire experience mirrors the transformative power of Nacsport and AP Capture in the educational setting. Streamlined learning, efficiency in filming and tagging games, affordability with flexible licencing options, and real-world application contribute to a holistic educational journey for performance analysis students and their athletes.

If you're a sports educator or a university seeking the best tools for success, The University of Gloucestershire's journey with Nacsport is a model we can help replicate at any university or college. Nacsport and AP Capture have the potential to elevate your educational programs, empowering the next generation of sports analysts.

Reach out to us today, and let Nacsport transform your educational institution into a hub of sports analysis excellence.


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