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  • Josh Bryan

Nacsport Live Review in Cricket (Part 1)

The Nacsport video analysis software continues to grow with a strong and fast speed of development, bringing new features, tools and workflows to users across the world in over 25 different sports. When Nacsport version 2.0 was released in June 2015, there were 2 major tools introduced:

The first tool enables users to easily create a statistical dashboard showing the overview of their performances, by displaying charts and numbers based on calculations the user can create with their template’s category and descriptors. The powerful part about this tool is that it updates automatically and can be clicked on to show you the video clips you have registered which relate to the items on your dashboard.

The second tool lets you wirelessly share this dashboard (in Basic Plus and Scout Plus) to other devices on the same network so that they can easily review statistics during a game. On these devices (phone/tablet/computer) you can also review back the registered video clips during the game if you are using Pro Plus or Elite. These powerful review processes have previously been limited to only professional and international teams due to the costs involved, but the Nacsport developments have made this more affordable and accessible for all.

In this initial blog, I would like to show you some examples of how these processes are being utilised for Cricket video analysis in the UK. Please click the links for more info on some of our users and take a look at our more in-depth examples below.

Millfield School, Portsmouth Grammar School, Wellington College, ECB Umpire Consultant Stuart Cummings MBE and analysis providers Performance Advantage Ltd.

Wellington College

In February 2016, after using Nacsport Scout Plus for a year, Wellington College upgraded their licence to the Pro Plus version so that they could benefit from the ability to live review video clips on wireless devices during their cricket matches. Ali Pearson is the analyst at Wellington College who captures footage live into his Nacsport machine and analyses at the same time.  We worked with Ali to help develop his dashboard, which is now used for live and post event review. The players and coaches can see an overview of in-game performance and now also review back registered video clips.

Ali kindly provided this testimonial about working with ourselves and Nacsport:

We have been using the Nacsport software at Wellington College for the last year, having purchased a Scout Plus license for use predominantly with the 1st XI Cricket team.  This allowed live capture and coding of batting and bowling events during matches, along with the provision of player clips and statistics on individual performances post-match.  Live capture and coding is something we were unable to do with the other analysis software packages used at Wellington, where analysis provision can only be conducted post-match.  The Scout Plus software has also been used for post-match team and individual analysis with our Boys and Girls 1st XI Hockey teams, and our U15 Rugby NatWest Cup side, on both a video and statistical basis.  Our progression for analysis at Wellington College was to integrate live review of performance.  1st XI Cricket in particular have benefitted from the upgrade to a Pro Plus license, where the players and coaches now have access to live video footage and statistical information during matches.  The ability to provide live feedback assists in the reflection and cognitive processes of each player, and plays a critical part in the coaching process, where coaches are able to “coach in the moment”.  The support from AnalysisPro during this transition has been fantastic and we look forward to having their assistance as we continue to develop our analysis processes.

Stuart Cummings MBE

Stuart is a consultant across a range of sports. He is a former International Rugby League referee, former Match Official Director of the Rugby Football League and is also now on the Sky Sports Rugby League Commentary team. I was put in touch with Stuart through former Huddersfield Giants coach Kieron Purtill who had begun explaining to him about how they use Nacsport at the club. I then caught up with Stuart and got him up and running with demo time on Nacsport, which he used for helping to “referee the referees” in Cricket, GAA and Netball within his consultancy roles with those organisations.

Since then, I caught up with Stuart at Edgbaston to see how he was getting on with his new Nacsport Elite licence. This version allows Stuart to capture and analyse the footage live, but also review moments straight away on his machine. All of this feedback and extra information can be reviewed multiple times, so that when Stuart sees the Umpires at the end of play or during breaks in play, he has video evidence to supplement his feedback to those officials.

But rather than me writing about this, why not take a look at this video where Stuart shows you himself!

We would like to say thanks to both Ali and Stuart for their time in providing their testimonials, and of course for choosing and upgrading the Nacsport software versions they use. We are delighted to have you on board!

In Part 2 of this blog, we look in more detail at how Performance Advantage Ltd use similar processes during their analysis service to professional teams like Yorkshire CCC and Durham CCC.


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