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  • Bradley Grice

Sharing your analysis: Five top tips for your Nacsport presentations

This blog will give you some top tips when it comes to sharing your analysis by building your ideal presentation; making the ‘share’ element easy and more effective when using the Nacsport video analysis software (workflows differ between the Nacsport versions).

We divide the fundamentals of video analysis into shoot, analyse and share and strongly believe that these elements are as important as one other.

We love and often use the metaphor of sharing your analysis as ‘sharing pieces of gold dust’!

Adding the ‘gold dust’ into presentation window lists

You have made the final clicks on your analysis template and there are now pieces of gold dust to share with the team and individuals, so start throwing it around! This gold dust will have a positive difference on performance and that’s the name of the game. Only you can separate the diamond from the rough!

In the toolbar of the Nacsport timeline is the ‘Presentation icon’. Click it.

Press the + icon to create new lists. Name them.

Now, you can populate those lists with clips from your timeline in an independent window, by clicking on the clip and pressing the number 3 or the INSERT key.

Or, add the straight clips from your Matrix or Dashboard tools (if you prefer).

Now colour code them easily using the hotkey ‘C’ – select the clip, press C and use your colour palette! The hotkey ‘F’ will also change the font colour from black to white or white to black.

This new presentation window is completely independent, so whatever you do with the clips in this window will not affect the coding masterpiece that you have just created in the timeline. The timeline clips will stay the same, but you will be able to change the presentation window clips – longer, shorter, notes and drawings added plus more!

I am possibly overdoing the metaphors today, but it’s safe to say that these processes above really are your bread and butter.

By the way…

Nacsport Scout is worth the investment, enabling you to fill presentation windows with clips from as many different timelines as you want.

Top Tips for your presentation!

Now the bread is buttered, let's create the filling.

Know your story and how to tell it

  1. Make sure you have a clear message that you are wanting to tell with the clips you have chosen (your story). The way you tell that story is determined by the order of your clips and other supporting content in your presentation window.

  2. Dragging and dropping clips into different lists will copy and paste the clip.

  3. Holding CTRL with a drag and drop will cut and paste.

  4. Duplicate registers! Right-click and duplicate – but why? Stay with us as this comes up in the ‘presentation delivery’ part.

  5. Explore all of the Right-click options.

  6. Remember the C and F hotkey trick.

  7. Right-click and SAVE THIS LIST STRUCTURE! It auto-loads your favourite list structure, saving you time in the future (Scout Plus).

Focus the attention

  1. Get people on track early and give extra context to your audience, by using text and images to focus their minds on the upcoming clips.

  2. Use the toolbar to add PowerPoint slides (Scout Plus). Select your favourite slides and add them into your list, then reorder them around your clips.

  3. Don’t have Scout Plus? You can create and add Front Pages instead!

  4. Need some ideas? Formations, venue details, coaching points, key player stats etc.

Make use of angles

  1. If you have different angles of your actions, use them! It gives more chances for people to understand what you are trying to show them.

  2. Whatever angles you are looking at in the timeline when you press 3 (or INSERT) from the timeline will be the same as what gets added into the presentation window (use 4,5,6,7 to select your angles from your timeline). If you select multiple angles, it will also show you if the register has multiple angles in the presentation.

  3. Favourite angles (from Pro Plus). If you know what angle you are most likely going to use for playback or exporting, but want some flexibility on flicking between them whilst presenting in Nacsport, this is the tool for you.

  4. Group videos (joining registers together to become video angles). Even better, group a video register with a PowerPoint slide and have some key information alongside the clip when it plays, the perfect tool for individual or opposition analysis! Hold CTRL to select registers (or slides) then right-click to group the videos (you can also ungroup angles).

Add notes and drawings

  1. A picture paints a thousand words, so use both and keep it clear!

  2. Highlight your key coaching messages directly on the video. Focus the attention of your team onto the gold dust you are sharing!

  3. Double click registers to add notes and add drawings using the paintbrush icon. Even if you do not have the KlipDraw plugin, you still have the notes tool and can add basic drawings to demonstrate your coaching points.

  4. Customise your playback settings. What information would you like displayed when you play the presentation? Categories & descriptors? Notes? Jump to the next clip automatically or wait until you skip? Click the settings button and present how you want to!

Maximise sharing options

Combine your coaching expertise with the Nacsport tools and you can deliver impactful presentations exactly how you want them; whether that’s presenting in-person to a room, or exporting the content to share digitally.

Use the playback controls: Space bar to play/pause, M/N for frame by frame, R to replay from the start, S for turning on/off slow motion. 1,2 for skipping back/forth between clips and 4,5,6,7 for flicking between angles.

Duplicate your clips. A top tip from my webinar on presentations was about encouraging discussion and engagement by duplicating clips. I gave an example of duplicating the clip three times. Once to watch the clip as normal, once to watch the clip in slow motion and once to watch the clip with your coaching point notes and drawings overlaid – giving time for empowering your players to give their own feedback and encouraging communication and understanding – especially helpful for youth/academy teams.

Nacsport Remote – control the playback from your phone! It’s FREE (make the most of it)!

Presentation script (press the script icon). Tick what you want to show (category/descriptors/notes/drawings) and set a keyframe for each register! Save this as a PDF and you have a script for your playback or could even use as a handout for the team to write notes on.

Export the presentation as a video. Define how you want your clips to be shown on the video with customisable options then upload where you wish. Single clips san even go into WhatsApp! Why not overlay an image of your club badge for that professional touch.

Add an external audio file (from Basic Plus). Eye of the tiger? Something motivational for a showcase reel! Or, voice notes via a voice recorder (handy with today’s current climate). You will need to have an .MP3 file to link with the video.

Upload to Sharimg (integrated). Available in different price plans depending on users and administrators, you can upload your presentation online for your team to review when not together. You can also upload the game video and analysis to view the matrix online so your team can watch back specific moments. Share your content and discuss all in one place from any device, anywhere!

An extra, most important tip!


Don’t panic, I’m not calling you stupid. This is a well-known principle in design and engineering but is also the perfect acronym for delivering a message that people will understand and retain. You should apply it to your presentations!

That gold dust is precious and will make an impact for your team, but imagine that each of your players could only grab and safely keep a pinch at a time! Focus on 3 key points in your presentation. Can you demonstrate your key point with just 3 clips? The answer is usually yes! So, KISS. Keep It Short and Sweet 😉


Create your gold dust and share it by building your ideal presentations using Nacsport – it’s the end goal of your analysis!

Watch all of these tips and more to unlock the perfect, cutting edge presentation workflows to enhance your coaching with our free online webinar:

Have a read of this post from Doug Lemov on the Codex Analysis website, where he provides some excellent video rules for coaches. They will seriously enhance your presentation delivery!

If you wanted a quick reminder on how to maximise the delivery of your video analysis feedback sessions, please feel free to make use of this infographic and share with others!

By the way…

Did you know we offer certified courses in Nacsport, KlipDraw and Applied Performance analysis? These will help you to maximise your use of Nacsport and KlipDraw, along with providing workflows and a firmer understanding of performance analysis.


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