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Leigh Centurions use of Nacsport

To start the new Betfred Super League season, Leigh Centurions have invested in the powerful Nacsport video analysis software. Assistant Coach Kieron Purtill and Head of Analysis Ste Mills previously used the Nacsport software at Huddersfield Giants and saw it is an important element to bring into the setup at Leigh. Ste will use the powerful Pro Plus version of the software to carry out the main analysis for matches and training both live and post event. 4 Basic Plus versions are then used by Neil Jukes and his coaching team to review the analysis from Ste, carry out their own analysis and create presentations with notes and drawings to provide powerful feedback to the team.

Leigh Centurions coaches using Nacsport

Nacsport is one of the first things I wanted to bring into the club when I arrived and is a must have for our club going forward. It’s a great piece of software that we use daily and it’s been a great asset so far in helping us to prepare for the Super League. Using Nacsport along with the footage from our drone has allowed us to break down our team structures in attack and defence and identify team or individual elements that we need to work on.

Kieron Purtill, Assistant Coach.

The club have also acquired an AP Wireless system to increase the distances they can carry out live reviews of the video files and data being analysed in the Nacsport software by Ste. The coaches can now watch back the clips being registered and statistical dashboard being populated on their phones/tablets during training sessions and matches without having to be next to the Nacsport machine.

Ste Mills using Nacsport and AP Wireless for live analysis and reviewCoaches reviewing clips from Nacsport on wireless devices

Nacsport is the best software we’ve used by far. There are different options out there, but Nacsport is very effective and simple to use. We’ve brought it into a club where people haven’t used it before and within days everybody is up and flying with it. It’s also cost effective which was very important for us when looking to bring everything up to a Super League standard. What we love about AnalysisPro is the support we receive. If we have any issues, questions or feature requests, Josh and Jon are always on hand to help us out.

Ste Mills, Head of Analysis.

I recently visited the club to deliver the AP Wireless solution and observe how Ste and the coaches were using Nacsport both during training (with the live review features) and afterwards when they were each reviewing the footage on their laptops and registering clips for feedback. I showed the coaching team some new features which had just been added into the software and helped everybody to maximise on the workflows they are putting in place.

Coaches reviewing footage straight after training with NacsportLeigh Centurions coaches and Josh Bryan

Nacsport is something new to our club and it has already had a massive impact for reviewing our performances. It’s quick and easy to use and is very beneficial. I would advise it to anybody in sport and particularly those in Rugby League.

Neil Jukes, Head Coach.

Whilst visiting the club, I was able to film Ste and the coaching team using the Nacsport software during and after their training sessions. They made use of the AP Wireless solution straight away and in this video you will see how quickly the players interacted with the ability to watch back clips during the training session too. We would like to say a big thanks to Leigh Centurions for choosing Nacsport and AP Wireless and wish them the best of luck in their new season at the top level!!

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