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  • Josh Bryan

Malaysian National Football Team choose AP Capture & Nacsport

This week, we are delighted to announce one of our newest AP Capture and Nacsport customers, NFDP Malaysia, the Malaysian National Football Development Programme. I was initially contacted by Matt Holland who is a coach educator for the NFDP who wanted to know more about our different solutions and in particular our mobile tripod AP Capture solution. Matt and I had a good Skype session to discuss AP Capture and the diffferent solutions we can provide there, but also to talk about video analysis solutions they were looking to implement. The team had already invested in Macbooks for an alternative software, but after seeing a demonstration of the powerful and affordable Nacsport video analysis software and learning that both AP Capture and Nacsport can be run on Macs running the Windows platform (using Bootcamp), Matt was really keen to find out more.

The team were travelling to England for a tour, so we arranged for Jon to meet Matt and the team at Reading FC to show them our AP Capture Mobile Tripod solution and the Nacsport software they were really interested in. That was on Wednesday 17th September. Everyone was really impressed with the quick setup of the mobile solution, it’s ease of use and quality of capture and control. Jon then showed how the Nacsport software was able to also do a direct capture of the IP Camera signal along with a live analysis; providing a video, timeline and matrix that could be easily reviewed and used for creating powerful feedback presentations and more. Again, Matt was really impressed with the user-friendliness of Nacsport and the whole workflow that was being displayed! The impact of these solutions for the team was confirmed to us when Jon was asked to meet the team again on Friday 19th September and deliver an AP Capture Mobile Tripod Solution with a 16×9 IP Camera and two licences of Nacsport Basic Plus that they could travel back to Malaysia with on the Saturday! It’s amazing for us to see the instant trust that is put in ourselves and the products and services we provide and we are really thankful to Matt and the team for putting their confidence in us.

After catching his breath back from the tour, we have had online sessions with Matt to help install Windows on the Macs using Bootcamp and get Nacsport Basic Plus up and running. Ahead of meeting up with the players again, the Project Director of NFDP Malaysia, Lim Teong Kim (former Malaysian football player and assistant coach of Bayern Munich U19s), wanted Matt to analyse all the goals from their England tour games to be used in a presentation that would motivate the players further. Matt and I had an online session to go over creating a Category Template and how to use the impressive Presentation Tool in Nacsport, then a few days later Matt got back to me showing the template he had created and letting me know how much the players loved the presentation and video which was shown as a surprise!

We also got Matt setup with AP Capture on his MacBook Air, with the mobile tripod ready to use for some upcoming events running this weekend and beyond. Matt will be recording his IP Camera footage into an MP4 format which can be shared across multiple devices and also be used by Nacsport which works with most video file types out there! Matt was kind enough to send us some pictures of the AP Capture Mobile Tripod Solution in action and also answer some questions below to let you know more about the NFDP and why they chose AP Capture and Nacsport.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the squad and it’s aims going forward?

The squad was assembled as a Phase 1 in 2011 and had a gradual climb in progression / development but didn’t have the full support of all respective bodies. During April of this year, newly appointed Youth and Sports Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin made this program a priority and launched the National Football Development Program (NFDP) leading to the opening of Akademi Bolasepak Mohktar Dari (aptly named after a Malaysian Hero / Legend). We have a KPI of qualifying for the 2019 World Youth Cup Finals that will be held in India at U17 level. The project squad is the pinnacle of the development program which has a supporting platform of training centres (Akademi Tunas) from U7 – U12 which as time progresses will see the amalgamation of the older training centres (PLD – Pusat Latihan Daerah) from U13 to U17. The overall target is to open 300+ centres and develop a player base / talent pool of over 10,000 players and 1,500 coaches.

Could you tell us about your roles within the squad and also your previous roles before that?

My current role within the NFDP program is as a Coach Educator, which requires me to manage a zone roughly the size of Wales and all centres within it pertaining to coach and player development amongst working with respective governing bodies. My role within the program also expands to working with other avenues such as creating and detailing the Technical Administration, Evaluation and Scouting Protocols, Coach Education Program and within the squad providing both coaching and performance analysis. My previous roles included time spent in Australia, the USA, Thailand and obviously the UK with both Academy and National Federations / Associations within Youth Development and Senior Team coaching, management, coach education and performance management.

Have you experience of using performance analysis before?

Yes during my previous roles, but mostly with other software. I have to be thankful to the Football Federation of Australia for emphasizing the importance of analysis to me as a Coach as oppose to just delivering technical and tactical sessions to increase my qualities.

How did you hear about AnalysisPro Ltd?

I heard about AnalysisPro via a retweet from someone I was following. Apologies for not remembering who that was!

What interested you about AP Capture?

I am not really a gadget man or whiz kid but I am a firm believer in using technology to it’s maximum capability without detriment to the working environment. So, after seeing the AP Capture equipment I was mesmerized about what I could do with this to enhance my own work and create a massive impact within the NFDP and to assist the development of coaches and players within Malaysia. We have major problems in the country with having access to quality footage and shooting angles for analysis, so this is a perfect tool to maximize all we do in the various departments; coaching, coach education and scouting.

What interested you about Nacsport?

I previously had experience of working with SportsCode at a lower level and just felt potentially it would overtake what I really wanted to get out of it. After hearing about Nacsport, visiting the website and watching the videos, seeing the users / current partners and the ease of use when working with it, I felt that it is something we could look to use which is extremely affordable for any coach of any level. Also, in honesty I felt doing something different would give us a unique platform when compared to others.

What will the combination of AP Capture and Nacsport enable you to do that you couldn’t do before?

In short it will allow us to maximize our efficiency levels in the three departments and increase our effectiveness tenfold. It is a must in this country to develop coaches and self-analysis is the most powerful tool for any coach in how we deliver and project ourselves, so firstly that is a priority. If we can do that and then move forward it will in turn benefit the national squads and those beneath when we have the opportunity to critique our working environment to the maximum level of detail so that we can improve what we need to so.

How have you found working with the Nacsport software so far?

It’s been fantastic, in the space of 90 minutes I was easily able to register 47 goals from multiple games which we scored during a 9 day tour of the UK. This in turn was shown to the players, as a surprise, during the team meeting which gave them such a lift seeing their success moving into the season. That has been just the start.

How will AP Capture and Nacsport be used and who will benefit from that?

It will be used daily from now on within coaching of the national squad in both and individual specialization training that is conducted, coach education, coach analysis, conditioning analysis and conditioning performance as well as scouting.

A big thanks to Matt Holland for his words and the whole of NFDP Malaysia for putting their trust in ourselves and the products and services we provide. We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship and helping to move forward the performance analysis provisions within the setup.


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