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Performance Analysis at Huddersfield Giants

Towards the end of November, we went on a bit of a road trip to catch up with our Nacsport users Huddersfield Giants, Huddersfield Town AFC, Halifax RLFC and Performance Advantage Ltd. The purpose of the visit was to reflect on the processes that Huddersfield and Halifax have been carrying out so far with Nacsport and how these could develop further for the upcoming season. We had a great time catching up with the analysts and coaches from all four of these organisations, but today we would like to focus on Huddersfield Giants and their new video analysis processes that will be used for this season.

For this new season, Huddersfield Giants have upgraded their video analysis processes by firstly hiring a new full time analyst, Ste Mills (read more on the Giants website here). We got the chance to meet up with Ste the day before he started fully at the club and I have been working closely with him since then as the Giants establish their new processes. On that day, we also caught up with Paul Anderson (Head Coach) and Kieron Purtill (Assistant Coach) to showcase everybody some of our different solutions and also the Nacsport live review process working with our own AP Wireless solution. With this super wireless transmitter, we were able to capture and analyse a camera live into Nacsport up in the gantry at the stadium, then review the live dashboard and registered video clips from the other side of the stadium on a computer and iPad.

After running through the different workflows that can be achieved with the synergetic video analysis tools we can provide, the Giants team had a lot of things to think over when planning on what they could provide Ste and the team with for their video analysis processes. We are delighted to announce that the performance analysis package that the team will be using to begin with is a Nacsport Pro Plus licence for Ste, 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences for Paul and Kieron, and a MyTPE platform for the whole team to share feedback, analysis footage and data, along with confirming understanding and gathering data through the different monitoring and communication tools available on the website.

We would like to say a big thanks to Paul, Kieron, Ste and the Huddersfield Giants team for their continued trust in our solutions as we look forward to working closely with them for the next season and beyond. I would like to leave you with some more pictures and testimonials that have been kindly provided to us by Paul, Kieron and Ste so you can see how they plan on using the solutions and their thoughts on them!

Kieron Purtill using MyTPE and Nacsport

After exploring other online and analysis solutions, Huddersfield Giants have decided to go with the MyTPE and Nacsport solutions provided by AnalysisPro Ltd, due to them both being very cost effective, easy to use and manage. Also, the support given to us over the last 12months from both AnalysisPro and Nacsport has been excellent. Together they have helped to shape the direction of our new analysis department to help aid and develop coaches and players. The level of analysis that we can now go into from training to games will help accelerate our players’ learning and coaches’ feedback to the players. With this in mind, we are going to use Nacsport and MyTPE to speed up this process and also to monitor and interact with all players on a daily basis. As our analysis department grows with the help of Nacsport and MyTPE, we look forward to advancing forward with live capture and feedback and greater interaction between coach and player for training and games.

Kieron Purtill – Assistant Coach

Paul Anderson using Nacsport

I like the versatility and easy use of Nacsport & MyTPE. The turnaround feedback that I can now give our players has gone from hours to instant with the Nacsport live review and within minutes using MY TPE. I can now share and collaborate with our players almost instantaneously.

Paul Anderson – Head Coach

Paul Anderson and Kieron Purtill using Nacsport and the Live Review

Since joining Huddersfield Giants I have been working with Nacsport and MyTPE. With some other analysis companies and software, it can take a long period of time to even get started with the software and getting yourself around it using all the features, but this is not the case with AnalysisPro’s solutions. Nacsport is an easy to use software, meaning that you can be using it to it’s full effect within days, using features like Live Coding, Live Reviewing, Matrix’s, Dashboards and Wireless Streaming. The support from AnalysisPro has been absolutely first class, knowing someone is going to be there to assist you if needed is reassuring, especially when you are new to the software.

Our analysis department at the Huddersfield Giants has only just started, but instantly with Nacsport and MyTPE we are able to take analysis to the next level, giving players and coaches instant feedback from a statistical & video point of view. Nacsport and MyTPE are being used everyday here at the Giants. After training has been filmed, it’s imported straight into Nacsport and allows the coaches to instantly review it. Rather than taking hours like it has in the past, the coaches can have a training review put together within minutes.

Nacsport and MyTPE are going to benefit everyone here at the Giants from the staff to the players. When in season time, the analysis on opponents could be a deciding factor in the game and with using Nacsport and MyTPE it gives us the best chance to get all video footage and stats report across to our players.

Ste Mills – Performance Analyst

A live Nacsport analysis setup at Huddersfield Giants training

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