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  • Bradley Grice

Reading WFC continue use of Nacsport Video Analysis & KlipDraw Animate software

For those of you who don’t know…. Reading WFC compete in the Woman’s Super League, the top tier of Women’s football in England.

Reading WFC having been using the Nacsport video analysis software & KlipDraw Animate telestration tool since 2018, in the hands of Alex Bramley (lead analyst) who has previously worked with the FAW and Oxford United. Alex uses the software for pre-match, post-match and live analysis of all games.

We spoke to Alex regarding how Reading WFC use Nacsport & KlipDraw to a make a difference on the pitch!

Why did you choose Nacsport & KlipDraw?

We chose Nacsport and KlipDraw because they both have high quality processes matched with superb efficiency, which replicates what we need as a club to maintain our standards and continually improve.

How do you use the Nacsport video analysis software?

I use Nacsport to live-code our games and retrospectively code our opposition games using pre-set KPI’s. I also use dashboards to show visual graphics of certain trends, for example the direction and success rate of opposition goal kicks. I will then use the Presentation feature to order clips to use in any presentations back to the players.

What about the integrated KlipDraw Animate telestration tool?

I use KlipDraw to add any graphics and animations to any clips and movies made to clearly show any movements and space back to the player’s, so they can see the picture from the game clearly.

What impact does it have on the team?

By using Nacsport and KlipDraw, our feedback to the players has been much more effective. They allow us to show key information back to the players more clearly and in a more timely manner.

A big thanks to Alex Bramley of Reading WFC for taking part in this short blog article, I will let him go ahead and prepare for Bristol City away now!

‘High quality’ ‘Superb Efficiency’ ‘Timely’

That’s the feedback we like to hear from our users!

As the emergence of Women’s Football continues to rise and the need for video analysis software throughout the game increases, Nacsport video analysis & KlipDraw Animate can offer a cost-sensible and highly effective platform for your pre, post and live workflows; enabling you to adequately prepare for what is to come, review what happened and make in game decisions based on real-time data.

For your 30 day trial of Nacsport and KlipDraw, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you get set up and ready to start or enhance your performance analysis journey!


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