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What equipment is used in video analysis in sports?

In this video analysis equipment blog, we will delve into the essential equipment used in performance analysis and explore some of the products and services we supply to drive success. From capturing a game to analysing footage, and finally, sharing impactful insights, we'll explore the key components that drive success. Whether you're a sports enthusiast curious about the behind-the-scenes magic or a seasoned analyst aiming to sharpen your skills, get ready to discover the tools you need to analyse successfully.

video analysis equipment setup


In the realm of sports, capturing the essence of every moment is not just an art—it's a science that involves the right equipment and a touch of innovation. Filming sports sessions opens the doors to an array of possibilities, allowing teams to relive their performances and embark on a journey of growth and improvement. Let's explore the different ways of capturing sports, where every frame becomes a key to unlocking excellence.

Benefits of Filming Sports: Expanding Horizons

Visual learning is a cornerstone of effective coaching and improvement. Video analysis empowers teams to revisit their feats, understand nuances, and fine-tune strategies. Beyond the live experience, recorded footage provides a foundation for growth. Coaches can revisit training sessions, analyse matches, and even utilise advanced video analysis software like Nacsport to delve into the data, unravelling the potential within their team.

Exploring Filming Solutions

Camcorders, IP cameras, automated cameras, and even drones—these are the architects of your analysis. From traditional camcorders that offer versatility to IP cameras, each choice brings unique benefits. Automated cameras track action, while drones offer unique perspectives. The tools you choose shape the quality of your insights. Choosing the Right Camera: Sony Handycams and More

Getting started with a video camera is crucial for your filming endeavours. Sony Handycams, such as the CX450 model, provide HD footage and are compatible with this great tripod option too. These cameras are a great starting point, delivering high-quality captures within budget. With a standard battery offering 60 minutes of filming time, you can also opt for an extended battery for prolonged sessions. A reliable memory card, preferably 32GB and Class 10, ensures smooth transfers.

Sony CX450 camera video analysis

At AnalysisPro, we specialise in taking your filming endeavours to the next level. Our groundbreaking AP Capture software is the heart of our IP Cameras, designed specifically for sports analysis. Both our portable and fixed AP Capture solutions revolve around an ultra-high-definition 4K PTZ IP Camera. Controlled seamlessly through our intuitive joystick, this camera captures every movement with precision, offering Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) patterns that bring the action to life. The result? A high-quality, ready-to-use video file (MP4) that encapsulates the essence of the event.

AP Capture IP Camera video analysis filming equipment

The Role of Tripods

In sports performance analysis filming equipment, the vantage point matters. For stability and clarity, tripods are essential. Tripods like the Sony model we recommend offer fluid head movement and integrated remote control, elevating your filming experience. These tripods enhance your filming, allowing smooth zooming and panning for precise captures. Our fully integrated IP Camera sports mast, combined with a portable military-grade tripod, ensures that the 4K PTZ IP Camera reaches heights of up to 6 meters, perfect for high-quality filming.

Live Capturing: Harnessing Capture Devices

Capture devices play a pivotal role in your sports performance analysis filming equipment. These devices utilise the HDMI output from cameras to facilitate live capture into software like Nacsport. Avermedia offers a range of options, from the Live Gamer Mini for affordable HDMI feed capture to the ExtremeCap SDI for SDI feeds. For professional use, the Avermedia ExtremeCap UVC provides an HDMI alternative, combining speed and efficiency.

aver media devices for video analysis

When it comes to comprehensive sports analysis, capturing the action from various angles can be a game-changer. Different camera perspectives provide unique insights into player movements, tactical decisions, and the dynamics of the game. This is where AP Multifeed comes into play, transforming the way multiple camera feeds are utilised in your analysis process. By seamlessly converting up to four SDI feeds or HDMI feeds into separate RTSP feeds, AP Multifeed offers a streamlined and efficient approach to handling diverse camera angles. RTSP feeds, or Real-Time Streaming Protocol feeds, offer several advantages. They are optimised for efficient transmission and processing, making it easier to distribute to multiple machines and for your computer to better handle the data and ensure a smooth analysis experience.

AP Multifeed video analysis equipment

With AP Multifeed, you can effortlessly capture a range of perspectives without the need for complex setups. This means you can focus on the analysis itself rather than grappling with technical intricacies. The resulting RTSP feeds can be seamlessly integrated into your chosen video analysis software, such as Nacsport or many other video analysis software tools, enhancing your ability to scrutinise every aspect of the game. Whether you're analysing player interactions, tactical formations, or critical moments, the multi-angle approach made possible by AP Multifeed adds a layer of depth to your insights. This enables you to make more informed decisions, optimise strategies, and elevate your team's performance to new heights.


Objective data-driven insights are paramount to comprehensively assess performances and make informed decisions. At AnalysisPro, we recognise the power of video analysis in filling these gaps and shedding light on the unseen aspects of performance. With studies indicating that even elite coaches remember only about 30% of key match factors, video analysis becomes an indispensable tool to uncover the remaining 70%, thereby reinforcing and validating our memory's accuracy.

Nacsport video analysis

Hardware Essentials: The Backbone of Analysis

Desktops or laptops—each has its strengths. Desktops offer stability, upgradeability, and affordability, while laptops bring mobility to the table. Regardless of your choice, extra screens elevate your workspace, enabling seamless multitasking. We always recommend checking the minimum specifications required to easily run your required software.

Software: The Brainpower Behind Analysis

Effective video analysis involves a meticulous process of breaking down captured footage into manageable clips and data points. This analysis offers the means to delve deep into performance intricacies, unravel tactical choices, and discern individual player contributions. The final step lies in translating this intricate analysis into concise feedback resources, aligning with your coaching messages and team philosophy. At AnalysisPro, our comprehensive suite of tools ensures that this process is accessible, straightforward, and immensely effective. Our commitment to "Analysis For All" underscores our dedication to providing solutions tailored to your sport and level. Benefiting from Video Analysis

The advantages of video analysis are far-reaching and transformational for coaches and teams alike. By integrating video analysis into your coaching workflow, you can:

Confirm Team Understanding: Bring your team together with shared insights, ensuring a synchronised approach towards common goals.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Video analysis offers an unfiltered perspective, allowing you to pinpoint strengths to harness and weaknesses to address.

Enhance Marginal Gains: Scrutinise performances at a granular level, pinpointing key moments to refine and make incremental improvements.

Nacsport video analysis

Nacsport: Your Comprehensive Video Analysis Solution

Central to our video analysis solution is the Nacsport video analysis software. Utilised across 60 countries and over 35 different sports, Nacsport empowers national governing bodies, professional teams like Liverpool FC, as well as grassroots teams, schools, colleges, and universities. Nacsport's versatility is reflected in its various versions, catering to diverse requirements and budgets. Empowering Analysis with Nacsport

Maximising Performance: Customisable tagging windows enable you to extract essential information from your videos, translating to data-backed decisions to elevate on-field performance.

Efficiency: Real-time or post-match video tagging saves time, allowing focus on analysing key moments and extracting actionable insights.

Flexibility: Nacsport is available on both Mac and PC platforms, offering a choice between lifetime licenses and annual subscriptions based on your needs.

Integration: Nacsport seamlessly integrates KlipDraw, a telestration software that enriches your analysis presentations. KlipDraw enhances engagement by enabling you to add illustrations and emphasise key points directly to your video analysis presentations. Whether you're highlighting player movements, illustrating strategies, or delineating tactical patterns, KlipDraw's visual enhancements captivate and resonate with your audience. Learn more about Nacsport here.


The video analysis journey culminates in the Share stage, where insights are transformed into strategies. From presenting findings to sharing analysis with teams, this section uncovers the art of effective communication.

Sharing files

Utilisation of online sharing tools has emerged as a pivotal strategy for fostering collaborative growth. Among these platforms, Nacsport Hub stands out, seamlessly integrated with the Nacsport video analysis software to provide teams with an unparalleled environment for interaction and development.

Nacsport Hub Video analysis sharing tool

Beyond conventional file sharing, Nacsport Hub offers a dynamic space for direct uploads of analyses, presentations, and matrixes originating from Nacsport software and other video analysis software through XML files. Nacsport Hub grants users the ability to exercise comprehensive control over content accessibility, allowing for the formation of groups and meticulous access management. Within this secure digital platform, diverse forms of media—such as videos, data, and documents—can be shared, establishing an interactive domain for productive engagement. Through meaningful discussions, insightful exchanges, and collective refinement of performance insights, teams can harness the true potential of collaborative analysis.


From capturing the raw emotion of a match to dissecting every move, and finally, to transforming insights into strategies—the journey is a symphony of technology, data, and passion. Whether you're an aspiring analyst or a seasoned professional, understanding the Shoot, Analyse, and Share stages equips you with the tools to elevate sports performance to unprecedented heights. As we unravel the secrets behind the curtain, remember that every frame, every tag, and every presentation contribute to the symphony of excellence that defines sports analysis.

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