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Add drawings to your video analysis and enhance feedback with KlipDraw: Tips

Often described as adding the ‘fun bit’ to video analysis is the process of adding drawings to your video clips to visually enhance your feedback. But it’s more than just the ‘fun bit’, it’s where you can clearly show and share your feedback to influence understanding and ultimately, performance. Our answer to achieving this easily is the KlipDraw tool!

Drawings are often added by a coach/analyst who 100% knows how he/she would like the team to play; using key clips and drawings to visually make a positive impact on performance.

No longer is adding drawings expensive or too time-consuming, as the KlipDraw tools are both inexpensive and easy to install, trial and use every day.

KlipDraw can be applied in any sport and all types of analysis i.e. team & individual, opposition play, player scouting, best practice examples. It’s deployed by analysis departments, coaches using video analysis and freelance analysis & scouting agencies. It’s the ‘go to’ software for professional, semi-professional, amateur and grassroots institutions, throughout national and international levels of all sport, as well as a teaching/coaching aid for schools, colleges and university teams. It also features in many sports science/performance analysis modules as a key part of the learning journey.

“Having used the software over the last season, I believe it has certainly helped to make analysis sessions more engaging and has also allowed analysts and coaches to lead more interactive sessions with players.” Alex Delves, Head of Performance Analysis at @NorthUniSport

You can read a user review here –

So, lets get stuck into some top tips for adding drawings to your video analysis!

Pick the best KlipDraw package for you!

Options. Make your decision based on your requirements.

KlipDraw can be used in 4 different ways –

  1. KlipDraw Basic Standalone – great if you are on a very tight budget. Add drawings on still frames to enhance your points. Price – £65 (+vat) per year.

  2. KlipDraw Animate Standalone – the recommended version as your drawings move on the screen, bringing your points to life. Price – £130 (+vat) per year.

  3. KlipDraw Basic Nacsport integration – Finish off your analysis by adding static drawings to your key clips. Included for free in all versions of Nacsport!

  4. KlipDraw Animate Nacsport integration – Finish off your analysis by adding Animated drawings to your key clips. Price £70 (+vat) per year.

Recently, we spoke to a customer who is head coach of a team and communicated with his analyst mostly remotely. He wanted to review his analyst’s work and add the drawings himself using KlipDraw. Instead of integrating KlipDraw into the analyst’s Nacsport, he purchased a Nacsport Viewer system with KlipDraw. This meant that the club analyst could send his analysis & video file to the head coach who could open, review the full analysis timeline and stats, add drawings, and then create presentations on his own machine.

The coaching philosophy between sports and clubs differs dramatically. In this situation, the head coach felt it was best to use the analyst’s work and stamp his own expertise on important situations.

Always remember that KlipDraw integrates into any version of Nacsport video analysis software (even the Viewer as explained above!) – opening a whole new world of analysis processes to collate your key clips with a buttons template, add your drawings from a presentation window, use a matrix and dashboard. And you get it at a much cheaper price!

However, this won’t always be the best choice. As a coach, you may watch a full game back anyway, or perhaps your club doesn’t have an analyst? With KlipDraw standalone, you can create 10 clips within the game timeline and easily add your coaching points with drawings, text and voice notes!

You have many options! (We also offer split 6 monthly payments to help with cash flow)

Play around with the KlipDraw tools

‘It doesn’t matter what software you are using, everything is a process, but knowing the software inside out is the main thing’ Johnny Bradley – Program director MSc Performance Analysis – @itcarlow

Work your tools. Get hands-on with your new tools, they are there to be used! Of course, you have your arrows, your spotlights, your doughnuts and your textboxes – but what about changing the arrow colours, using dashed or dotted lines, changing sizes? Can you edit the spotlight size and colour? Could you choose open or closed doughnuts? Consider different types of fonts, colours, and styles of text boxes? Try layering a player in front of a defensive shape line? Use an arrow to show the cutting pass to open up attacking opportunities? Maybe experiment with the route simulator tool?! Adjust your script so animations can enter the screen at different times and speeds?

See, there are lots of things you can do!

A few examples –

You can see here that we have added three different types of text boxes that can pop up and disappear when you like. You can also see a black dotted line below, which is a multi-directional route simulator. The player will move along this line on the screen! Yes, the player will move on screen!

Twist and rotate the text to suit when it’s appropriate! Use the X and Z keys to achieve this.

This a big one! The object mover tool. Using this will allow you to click and drag various players and move them, or, highlight them and add drawings behind the players. Think of defensive shapes, offside traps, and set pieces for example. Wow – and yes, it’s only £130 (+vat) for a year – that’s like 35 pence a day!

The humble arrow, the squared area tool, the doughnut, the spotlight, and a flashlight here that is used for the ball, all adjusted using the script on the right-hand side to appear at different times within the animation.

Use playback hotkeys

For speed and ease. Hotkeys make it so easy to navigate through the video.

A few ‘key’ examples

  1. Space bar to pause and play

  2. B & V – Fast forward and rewind

  3. M, N – Frame by Frame (get the perfect frame)

  4. I – (think of IN) to start the clip

  5. O – (think of OUT) to stop the clip

  6. Right and left arrows – Small video jump

  7. Up and down arrows – Medium video jump

  8. Shift and right and left arrows – Long video jump


A short and simple one but will save you lots of frustration – trust us! When you want to move onto your next drawing, JUST RIGHT CLICK. Try it! (It changes your mouse pointer back to the selection tool).

Keep an eye on updates

KlipDraw is always adding in new features. The ability to export 10 clips from the timeline hasn’t always been possible in the standalone version. This is a game-changer, allowing the coach to easily add his/her expertise to a game without the tagging and statistical elements of analysis. A great option for some!

Excitingly, we could see a number of new developments with the KlipDraw software including features like player trackers when the video is playing!

We hope this post has been helpful in making you a better ‘KlipDrawer’!

We also have several resources available on our Knowledge Base and a good old user manual to help you better understand how to use each tool.

Do you want to try it for free and bring your coaching points to life?

Use this link – and click on trial in the top right corner!

Once downloaded, you can easily start a project, select a video file and you are ready to KlipDraw!

Or, get three months of KlipDraw, full knowledge of the tools and a certificate when you complete the online course! Use this link –

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