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  • Bradley Grice

Video Analysis in Football: North East Football Scouting use Nacsport & KlipDraw.

Let us look into video analysis in football. We were delighted to welcome North East Football Scouting to Nacsport video analysis & KlipDraw Animate in 2019.

Going from strength to strength, North East Football Scouting started with a vision to help North East Non-League Football Clubs by offering a professional standard of Football Scouting on both players and opposition, utilising video analysis in football and performance analysis processes.

The work provided by North East Football Scouting has been largely free of charge, provided by voluntary scouts armed with the skill, knowledge, passion for Football and the vision of improving non-league football across the North East. In return, they too develop their skills, knowledge and experiences to add to their CVs.

The man at the helm is Adam Swinney, originally from a coaching background; working with Sunderland Deaf team for 5 years before joining the Scottish FA Deaf team. In both roles, he worked as a Goalkeeping coach but has undertaken the natural crossover to the ‘performance analysis’ side of football; now also working as the Lead 1st Team Analyst at a Football League Club.

Adam had to decide on what tools he would need to provide this professional service and described it as a similar process to when you buy a car –

We looked around the marketplace as you do when buying a car, with various brands on the market and for various budgets, but what we found was that Nacsport and KlipDraw was the name that kept appearing and we were receiving recommendations for.

Adam also found our online tutorials a great help, particularly enjoying the ‘Talk to Brad’ series on YouTube to learn the key features and how they will have an impact on day to day scenarios, in football and beyond.

Which, as the author of this blog article, is a great thing to read of course! Adam and I then spoke via LinkedIn and I set him up with a 30 day free demo to get hands on.

After around 20 days we decided this was the software for us, both on a practicable and cost basis.

Adam really got hands on with the software! Trying all the features including live capture within the football grounds during the match (available from Nacsport Basic) and techniques to create analysis with detail and depth with the template. Adam opted for the KlipDraw Animate tool to really bring his video clips to life.

We liked the fact that both Nacsport & KlipDraw went hand in hand together without the need to speak to two different suppliers to get the end result.

It was then time for Adam to upgrade to Basic Plus, as Adam saw the value in the additional button type – the descriptor! (Along with allowing 50 buttons on the template, as opposed to 25). For a breakdown of the different versions; please see this blog –

Adam once more could push the boundaries on what North East Football Scouting could offer. When it comes to performance analysis, every team will have their own ideas, needs and requirements on how they use video analysis. Adam found some would want minimal detail, whereas others would want much more detail to enable individual presentations back to every player so they can evaluate their own and team performance.

This works well as some management only want a number of tags and descriptors and some like every individual player tagged with various descriptors.
As well as teams we work with, we also provide opposition analysis for future games. We would download the game footage, clip and code items that management wish to see and present back to the team and give more in depth items to the management and coach staff on how they will train in the build up to the game.

This is a key point from Adam. Nacsport is very efficient when it comes to opposition video analysis in football; managers/coaches will want to see specific things from the team who they are about to play. With plentiful online resources and digital video, it’s never been easier to get a head start on your opponent.

Did you know….

You can import/export data via the XML from other platforms and services such as Wyscout, InStat? Very handy for video analysis in football!

So, how do North East Football Scouting use Nacsport & KlipDraw?

We use Nacsport and KlipDraw in a variety of scenarios to film and analyse training matches and games, involving live coding to provide feedback pre/post and during the game with live feedback.

Adam mentions about live coding and live feedback – this is completely achievable in any version of Nacsport with an AverMedia Device, via HDMI to your laptop.

This live feedback will relate to many analysts/coaches’ experiences when delivering the feedback at half time. Adam explains –

You get a good stretch of the legs on the referees whistle as you run down to the changing rooms and plug your laptop in ready to present back key points that the manager wants to show at half time.

The good old run to the changing room with your laptop will always work!

There are other ways too as you climb up the Nacsport versions; i.e. the Coach Station feature to transmit live codes and video to other machines, or the live streaming tool to send clips to the bench to an iPad or any device with a web browser.

Adam also uses the Nacsport dashhboard tools to show the overall statistical data from the game and compiles the data by exporting to excel, but can see many more processes developing in the future –

With the release of Nacsport 5.0, I can see areas where I can develop our processes; the new heat map tool is something that I will be looking at in more detail in the next few months.

So, we asked, how he finds using the system.

We find the system and features of both Nacsport and KlipDraw very simple and user friendly to use. The systems are free-flowing and are all self-explanatory.

If in the event you need support or to ask a question, the AnalysisPro team are very responsive with the ability to remotely dial in and resolve any problem.
It must be said that we have had no issues with either software and it has been our own doing on two occasions that we have deleted the wrong item or put it in the wrong place and needed the support team to remote dial and show us our errors! I must offer the support team some cakes now!

I am sure Dan from Support will take Adam up on that offer!

Nacsport video analysis & KlipDraw Animate are playing a vital role in the processes of North East Football Scouting and it’s a software that fits perfectly into video analysis in football, as well as a number of sports around the world. Nacsport offers a cost sensible, easy to use, PC based and well supported platform to become a key coaching tool for video feedback and performance analysis process.

A fantastic insight into the use of Nacsport by Adam using video analysis in football, so many thanks for working with us to make this blog article Adam!

Contact us to receive your 30 day trial of Nacsport or KlipDraw today and ask any questions!


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