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  • Josh Bryan

Colchester United – Performance Analysis with Nacsport after Gamebreaker

Scott Egerton (Coach and Player Video Analyst) talks us through the Colchester United Performance Analysis processes since the football team from League Two moved over to Nacsport.


Ahead of the 2018/19 season, we were looking at ways to help grow and evolve the work we do at Colchester United as an analysis department. One of the key things we discussed was the software we were using and assessing the alternatives to the Gamebreaker licences we had previously purchased.

Nacsport was one of these alternatives we looked at as part of this process and after having had thorough discussions and video meetings with the team at AnalysisPro, we decided to make the change from Gamebreaker over to Nacsport.

Having used the software for 10 months now, we have been surprised by the ease of use and the features that the software provides at a very reasonable cost. Not only that, but the sharing of data between machines/staff in the department has been quick and efficient, helping us to save valuable time.

Colchester United FC 1st Team Analyst Daniel Griffiths

We will typically do our opposition analysis early in the week, ahead of the 1st team’s weekend fixture. Daniel Griffiths is the 1st team analyst and uses Nacsport to analyse our opposition’s footage to pick out key parts of their performance. Our post-match reviews will take place the day after a fixture and after analysing with a template in Nacsport, I then build a presentation window ready for the team meeting which usually takes place on Thursdays.

Colchester United FC Academy Analyst Scott Egerton

We use the presentation windows in Nacsport to pick out the key clips from our timelines of analysis so we can easily show and compare actions from different games. We add notes and KlipDraw animations onto these clips to better highlight our points for the players and review meetings. The option to print out a script of the presentation window (showing the clips, notes, drawings and timings within each list) has been great for our coaches, as they can then write further notes on the paper before going into the meeting and presenting the videos back to the players through Nacsport.

Colchester United FC Video Analysis Lounge - Nacsport Viewer Licences

We have Nacsport viewer licences installed on machines in our video analysis lounge, enabling the players and staff to easily review our full timelines and presentation windows created in our Scout Plus and Scout Plus Unlimited licences. Players have individual sessions once a week where they can easily go through their clips with the staff to highlight areas that they want to develop.

Colchester United FC Nacsport Viewer Machines

The regular updates and added features have been really useful, helping us to make the most of the software in both team and individual analysis sessions, as well as getting key information to coaching staff on match days.

Colchester United FC Academy Team Stats for Post Match review

On match days, we live capture footage into Nacsport from our standard cameras through our Avermedia device (when we are at away games for example) but can also capture our stadium IP Camera feed directly into Nacsport too. We use a template to analyse live and can therefore provide the coaches with objective data and insights during the game and at half time when we use the laptop to review the video and registered clips.

The AnalysisPro team have always been quick to respond when we have required help or support and their Knowledge Base has provided us with hints and tips of how to get the most out of the software.

We would recommend Nacsport as an alternative for any club looking for a software to help them analyse their team’s performance.


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