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Ealing Trailfinders Move from SportsCode to Nacsport

Today we are delighted to welcome another team into our community and share the story of how they have made the switch from SportsCode to Nacsport. Ealing Trailfinders play in the Greene King IPA Championship along with some of our other Nacsport users like Bedford, London Scottish and one more we will introduce another time!

In this post, you will read testimonials from Ben Ward (Director of Rugby) and Joe Burley (Head of Performance Analysis) about what the switch has now enabled them to do with their combination of Nacsport licences and the KlipDraw Animate integration.

Ealing are using a combination of Nacsport licences that enable their analyst and coaching staff to review every match and training session in detail with the Nacsport Elite and 4 Nacsport Pro Plus licences they have. Each of these licences also have the KlipDraw Animate tool enabled so they can create powerful visual feedback tools for presenting back to the team. Enabling the players to review this content is made easy through the use of 6 Nacsport Viewer licences, giving the players access to review multiple angles, timelines, matrix, dashboards and presentations, along with creating their own presentations too.

Ben and Joe have kindly provided us with more information about how they use Nacsport and what the switch has meant for them, along with pictures of Nacsport in use throughout the team!

Ben Ward – Director of Rugby

This year we have had a change in our Head of Performance Analysis and this has bought about a change in software, moving from SportsCode to Nacsport. When Joe first introduced Alex and I to the software, we were hugely impressed with the different features and possibilities Nacsport could provide. Nacsport has been incredibly easy to learn how to use and it is now fully integrated in our review and feedback processes. The presentation feature has really added to our environment as being able to add KipDraw drawings both before and during presentations has made it easier to highlight the learning point we are trying to emphasise. It also makes it easier for the players to understand, compared to the traditional laser pen.

The dashboard feature will change how we review games both as a team and individuals. Being able to interact with both stats and video at the same time will provide us with an excellent feedback tool. There have been some small teething issues, as there will always be when you switch software and processes, but the support that Josh and AnalysisPro have provided has been excellent. Whether it is a phone call, email or someone remotely working on the machine; the issues have been ironed out extremely quickly. Their service has been excellent. We are looking forward to working with Nacsport and AnalysisPro throughout this season and have no doubt it will add so much to our environment.

Joe Burley – Head of Performance Analysis

At Ealing Trailfinders we use video analysis as a key tool in our environment. Making the switch from SportsCode to Nacsport was an extremely easy decision having already used the software in previous roles, again switching from SportsCode. Having inherited a fairly young analysis environment in terms of processes and workflows, I was able to review how the department worked and decided to make the switch to Nacsport for a number of reasons; mainly due to knowing what Nacsport was capable of adding to the programme but also due to the cost benefit of having so much more for less money. The variety of tools that Nacsport offers enables the analysis and coaching staff to build detailed, in-depth reviews of footage to facilitate player learning and development. The use of the KlipDraw drawing tools enables coaches to highlight and demonstrate exactly what they are presenting. The players are also utilising the presentation tools very well and are leading their own analysis sessions, both in small breakout groups and in team meetings.

On the training pitch, the players and coaches are live reviewing the session as it happens thanks to the streaming features available. Skills coaches can review with the players in between drills to provide instant on the spot feedback. Our matchday setup will offer the coaches a live review system using the interactive dashboard to view key match stats and footage relating to those stats. Alongside this they will be able to favourite key clips to review with players during half time. Supporting Nacsport away from our environment we have chosen to utilise an online sharing platform to allow players to review footage in their own time. This will play a pivotal part in our review system, providing players an easy to use online platform to review all aspects of both team and individual performances, allowing them to come prepared to review meetings ready to discuss, review and give their feedback.

Every player, both senior and academy, will use analysis in a different way as people learn in different ways. Being able to provide multiple resources to maximise learning is crucial to our environment; in this respect Nacsport is the ideal solution. The support from Josh and the AnalysisPro team has been outstanding. They have been there from the very start, helping myself and the coaches with any issues or questions that we have had. The frequent updates are fantastic, the software is constantly evolving with new features being added all the time.  I cannot recommend Nacsport enough, it has completely transformed our environment here.

We would like to thank Ben and Joe for their in-depth testimonials and sharing of pictures, along with wishing everyone at Ealing the best of luck for the new season!

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