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Football Teams enhancing video analysis with more Nacsport

Today I would like to share news of some of our existing Nacsport users in Football who are enhancing their performance analysis workflows, by either upgrading their versions or getting additional Nacsport licences. This news story features Huddersfield Town FC, the Coventry City FC Academy, Dundee United FC and NFDP Malaysia.

Huddersfield Town first started working with Nacsport back in 2014, when getting 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences and a Tag&go licence. Since that time, the workflows at the club have evolved and I got a chance to catch up with First Team Performance Analyst Chris Markham and analyst at the time, Nathan Salmon, back in March to look at where they could progress their workflows with higher versions.

I’m pleased to announce that Huddersfield Town have now upgraded their Basic Plus licences to Scout Plus and Elite respectively. Both of these versions enable the team to make the most out of the OPTA F24 Import process, and new analyst Chris West is using the Elite version with the brand new udpate features like the template activation & deactivation links, live video review and a delayed feed during a capture. Of course there are all the other major features possible in this high-end version which the team can now benefit from too. We want to thank Chris M, Chris W and Huddersfield Town FC for upgrading their Nacsport versions so that they can make the most of their OPTA service and self-analysis workflows!

In June, I went to visit Jolen Heritage, who is the Academy Performance Analyst at Coventry City FC. Coventry City FC started using Nacsport earlier this year with a Basic Plus licence, and we are delighted that the team have enjoyed using the software so much that they have expanded by getting 2 more Basic Plus licences too. When I caught up with Jolen, we took a deeper look at the Dashboard tool and ability to use Descriptor buttons in their templates. As the team also use a Gamebreaker licence, it was important to let Jolen know how he could add more data than what is available in Gamebreaker and also how through the XML import/export feature, he could share timelines and data between Nacsport and Gamebreaker. This means that an XML could be imported from Gamebreaker with the single level of data (categories) then supplemented with extra Descriptor information and reviewed easily with the Dashboard tool for example.

Jolen kindly had this to say about using Nacsport:

Within the Academy, we use Nacsport to code and produce statistics on youth games. The easy-layout dashboard is very user-friendly, enabling interns who are new to performance analysis to quickly gain experience of providing analysis. The system that we use allows us to provide timely information to coaching staff and players. The team at AnalysisPro are very good at offering support and will always answer any questions big or small.

Following on from the theme of upgrading and additional licences, we are also really pleased to say that Dundee United FC have upgraded their Nacsport Basic licence to Nacsport Basic Plus and that NFDP Malaysia have got an additional Basic Plus licence.

The upgrade from Basic to Basic Plus allows Dundee to benefit from that extra level of data, through descriptors, so that they can review and create more in depth analysis with dashboards and the Matrix tool, which they now have access to. It’s a similar upgrade in workflows that Coventry City experience when using Nacsport Basic Plus over their Gamebreaker licence.

NFDP Malaysia have been using 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences since 2014, alongside their AP Capture mobile tripod solution. The organisation have continued to renew their licences to benefit from all the latest features in Nacsport, and we love seeing how they get along with all their equipment and now this extra licence too!

We would like to thank Huddersfield Town, Coventry City, Dundee United and NFDP Malaysia for their continued trust in ourselves and Nacsport and wish them all the best of luck in their new seasons!

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