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Gloucester Rugby – Preparing to Perform

For Gloucester Rugby, the 2017-18 Rugby season has come to a close. It started with a bang after a home victory against reigning champions Exeter Chiefs on September 1st and Gloucester finished their Premiership Rugby campaign at 7th in the League. Unfortunately, their season finale and chance for silverware wasn’t the ending that was hoped for, with the European Challenge Cup being snatched out of their grasp in the final minutes of the game against Cardiff Blues in Bilbao last Friday. However, the end of a season brings about the time where everybody can reflect, review and plan for the future. In this blog, we will share further insight into Gloucester’s video analysis processes, mainly through a fantastic video created by our own Spielberg, Daniel Moore, which shows how performance analysis is used by the team and how Nacsport has been a major part of that this year.

From pre-season in July 2017 to their first Premiership Rugby game against Exeter Chiefs

We’ve been really pleased to see the Cherry and Whites maximising all the processes and workflows that are on offer with the Nacsport video analysis software this season, especially as they use it every day within the club. Gloucester fully made the #SmartMove over to Nacsport from SportsCode last year, and you can read more about that here.

This year has seen many new Nacsport features and processes used by Gloucester, as we continue to ensure that the high-end processes required by teams like them are met in the most efficient and effective way possible. Sport is an ever-evolving environment, meaning that our solutions and support of those need to constantly stay on the ball too. Having a close relationship with Darren Lewis (Head of Performance Analysis), Tom Reynolds (Assistant Analyst), Wes Lewis (Academy Analyst), the coaching staff and players has meant that a continual flow of feedback can be utilised to always keep Nacsport pushing out in front of other video analysis software.

Darren and coach Tim Taylor reviewing ahead of a team meeting with Head Coach Johann Ackermann

We’re really happy to be supporting these guys and love to see the inventive processes they use within Nacsport. In particular, the templates and Dashboards that have been created by Darren and Tom are hugely powerful and in-depth; they fully understood all the features (big and small) available in these areas so could maximise utilising them to create some inputs and outputs that have had a big impact for the team’s data collection and interactive review workflows. Nacsport co-founder and head developer Alberto Rodriguez visited Gloucester in February this year, seeing the powerful processes that the team use daily in training, reviewing and live matches, which helped with adding more features and developments to maximise efficiency and output.

Alberto Rodriguez checking out the Nacsport match-day processes at Gloucester Rugby

We’re looking forward to helping to continually evolve the Nacsport processes available with the feedback from Gloucester and of course with the feedback we receive from our other users in a variety of sports and levels of competition. With the different teams and analysts we work with like Gloucester and Darren, who maximise everything on offer and constantly strive to squeeze every drop out of a tool, it is really accelerating Nacsport forward with features and improvements that can help teams to achieve a lot more, without them having to put more work in to get those benefits.

Darren was kind enough to provide some thoughts about using Nacsport this year:

We’ve had a brilliant first season using Nacsport. I’ve been so pleased with some of the workflows we’ve been able to achieve, in both our live and post-game processes. It was surprising to see how quickly the transition was made, which is great as we could continue to work at a high level.The most exciting thing is that ours, our coaches and player’s ideas and feedback have been so well received and we’ve had so many developments already included. It’s brilliant for me to know that I can give feedback that is taken on board. We know that there is much more to come and we have had a fantastic level of support from AnalysisPro and Nacsport throughout, which is crucial and also provides us with a totally different perspective.

We would like to thank Darren and everybody at Gloucester Rugby for their continued trust in our solutions and the Nacsport software. We would also like to say a special thanks to Darren, Tom, Billy Burns (Gloucester Fly Half) and Gloucester Rugby for being so open and enabling us to create this fantastic video looking at how video analysis helps the team ‘Prepare to Perform’. We hope you enjoy the video and agree with us that Dan has put together a really nice production!

P.S. You would have noticed the new Gloucester Rugby logo, did you notice another new logo too?? Stay tuned, more news to come!

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