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  • Josh Bryan

Performance Analysis at the University of Essex

In today’s blog, I would like to introduce you to Dr Edward Hope and let you know more about the performance analysis workflows and environment being developed at the University of Essex and their Human Performance Unit. We are proud to have the University staff and students utilising our AP Capture IP Camera solutions with both our portable sports masts out in the field and a fixed camera installation in their new Essex Sports Arena. To get the most out of their camera footage and to support different teams with performance analysis services, a mix of Nacsport and KlipDraw Animate licences are also being used to dive into the video and share powerful feedback to athletes and coaches.

In June, myself and Daniel were at the University of Essex to provide a 2-day workshop to the students, teaching them how to use their AP Capture cameras, Nacsport and KlipDraw licences. The majority of students had never used performance analysis tools or IP Cameras before, so it was great to teach them more about the benefits of performance analysis then enable them to create and apply some workflows to analyse performance and provide feedback.

University of Essex students presenting their performance analysis

By the end of the second day, every student had controlled and captured 2 IP Cameras at the same time from one machine, worked and communicated in a team of 4 to create a buttons template and statistical Dashboard in Nacsport to assess the Key Performance Indicators they had devised, analysed their AP Capture footage, created Nacsport presentations with their key findings and statistics, embedded KlipDraw animations into their clips and finally presented this all back to the other teams. The students worked really well together and it was brilliant to see this quick progression to applying key performance analysis workflows in just 2 days, especially as this was all brand new to them.

This has been a highlight of the year for me if I’m honest. I love teaching how to use our solutions and seeing a complete workflow progression develop so quickly was brilliant. At the bottom of this blog, there is a video where you can see some parts of these workshop days in action!

Students presenting performance analysis at University of Essex

Dr Edward Hope has kindly shared some more information about his past experiences and now the performance analysis environment at the University of Essex, so I shall leave you with his words and a further video testimonial too. All of us at AnalysisPro would like to thank Dr Edward Hope, Chris McManus, University of Essex and the Human Performance Unit for trusting in our solutions and also sharing their experiences too!

I am a lecturer in Sports Performance and Motor Control in the School of Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (SRES).
Prior to my appointment at the University of Essex, I worked within performance analysis for 8 years at Football Radar, and Everton Football Club, respectively. Alongside this, I also partook in several bespoke projects for a range of elite organisations, including FIFA, UEFA, Nike, and the English Premier League.
My main role this academic year (2018/2019) is the design and delivery of our new Performance Analysis module for our Sports Performance and Coaching students. This has coincided with the completion of the Essex Sports Arena, and investment in hi-tech performance analysis solutions.
The Arena has video analysis capabilities thanks to AnalysisPro and their AP Capture IP Camera solutions. Our setup includes four high-end 4K IP cameras, so performance can be recorded through AP Capture with a 360-degree viewing function. The footage can be live streamed through AP Capture and linked live into our video analysis software – Nacsport – which provides a perfect and user-friendly platform on which to breakdown and evaluate performance. As an additional tool to help our students (future analysts!) to communicate their work more effectively to coaches and athletes, we have invested in KlipDraw Animate. This tool adds an extra layer to the Nacsport licences, with animated telestration tools to allow analysts to dynamically explain concepts with a multitude of graphics and other functions.
For external work on campus or further afield, we have a portable AP Capture Sports Mast with 4K IP Camera. With a 6-metre elevation, analysts are provided with a fantastic vantage point from which to film and evaluate performance using the completely portable and self-powered solution.
As well as offering a video analysis service to external sports clubs, University teams, and the Performance Sports programme (basketball, volleyball, and rugby 7s), our performance analysis infrastructure is embedded into the University’s teaching, plus the applied sports science support offered by the Human Performance Unit. These fantastic facilities also provide opportunities for a variety of research projects, with real-world impact, in both sport and exercise science. Finally, and in an ever competitive field, our facilities will give students hands-on experience of industry-relevant tools to develop their applied knowledge and skills.

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