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  • Bradley Grice

Live tagging with iPad app for video analysis of any sport – Tag&view

The key feature of the Tag&view app is its ability to live code any sport using an iPad (or even iPhone) as a standalone tool or alongside any timeline-based video analysis software (preferably the Nacsport video analysis software). You can choose to tag without capturing video, or tag with capturing video.

Using this video analysis app is a time-saving shortcut and it is worth reminding the performance analysis community about what it does!

Create a timeline, for any timeline-based software

  • Firstly, you create a buttons template to tag actions using the app. If using Nacsport, you can import your Nacsport buttons template straight in from the computerised software. Don’t worry about getting the right size to fit the iPad, Nacsport will do this for you with a quick tick box!

  • You are ready to start tagging. Start the event timer and begin creating a timeline and matrix of stats. Even at this stage, you can be collating useful match stats to use during the event.

  • When the game is finished, you can use Nacsport to easily import and then sync the timeline data with the video file of the match. You then have the comprehensive Nacsport video analysis tools to work on the data you have collated i.e. presentation windows, dashboards etc. The Tag&view app has given you a head start on your video analysis and you can then always add more and/or refine it.

  • You can export the timeline data from Tag&view as an XML file to use with any other compatible timeline-based software or online platform too.

But why use Tag&view?

  • Tag&view has advanced tagging features such as Panel Flows, Activation Links, and Clustered buttons, which are normally only found in Nacsport Elite.

  • Tag&view offers an alternative to live tagging with your PC, camera & AverMedia device.

  • It is handy for analysis on the go for gathering quick stats i.e. Player actions, team scouting, match scores.

  • Tag&view works with any sport. You create your own template to suit.

  • As long as you know the event video is being filmed (if not with Tag&view), you can sync that video and the Tag&view timeline together at a later stage.

Work together with a WiFi network

  • 2020 has brought an important new update for Tag&view, meaning you can have multiple devices tagging together to create one timeline in real-time. For example, one-person tagging attacking play, and one person tagging the defensive play. Each device can be sending/receiving data from others in real-time. You could even send all of this data to a Tag&view iPad which is recording video, so those specific moments can be watched back instantly!

  • If using Nacsport Elite to live capture video, any tags made on the Tag&view devices can be imported straight into this capture and analysis.

(You will need to be on the same network)

  • If you are using multiple Tag&view devices without creating a network, you can always just easily combine the multiple timelines in your Nacsport software afterwards.

Record video on Tag&view

  • Tag&view puts a complete Shoot, Analyse, Share process in the palm of your hands. By starting a new analysis in the app and using the device camera, you can film your activity live, analyse live, review moments live and then watch back all the specific moments straight away after the event. We think this makes it the perfect tool for training analysis!

  • When reviewing your video and analysis in Tag&view afterwards, you can even overlay some simple touch screen drawings to better show your feedback. Could this work well in your training and coaching feedback workflows?

  • You can import the video and analysis straight into Nacsport through WiFi, to review and analyse further with the computerised tools. You can also export the video and XML file to import into other analysis tools of course.

Instant video analysis for racket sports and cricket

We often use team sports as examples, however, Nacsport Tag&view can be very handy for quick real-time analysis for the racket sports too. Why not read up on our blogs about analysis for tennis and analysis for squash for more examples.

We know there are a number of cricket apps available, but Tag&view is really impactful for live cricket analysis or other games that are too long to watch back post-event! See an example of a Tag&view template for Cricket analysis in this previous blog with Millfield School.


Costing only £75 (+vat) per year, Nacsport Tag&view is a very affordable app for use in all environments and levels of competition.

Try it

Use this link to try Nacsport Tag&view and download the instruction manual –

Further reading

Check out these further articles on how different teams use their video analysis tools – Army Rugby League, Coventry Rugby, Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey, Millfield School.


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