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Nacsport used by Army Rugby League

Nacsport for SSgt Broadley! (Head Coach Army Rugby League Women)

Nacsport video analysis software is now used within the Army Rugby League Woman’s Team!

It’s no secret that the Nacsport video analysis software is hugely popular throughout the leagues within Rugby League, our users include some major players! For example –

Castleford Tigers, Huddersfield Giants, Toronto Wolfpack, Wakefield Trinity, Warrington Wolves, Batley Bulldogs, Bradford Bulls, Featherstone Rovers, Halifax RLFC, Leigh Centurions, London Broncos, Oldham RLFC, Swinton RLFC, Whitehaven RLFC, Widnes Vikings, Coventry Bears, Hunslet RLFC, Keighley Cougars, and West Wales Raiders.

The list continues to grow but there are certainly a healthy number of Nacsport users within the sport! As the software evolves by offering new features to enhance performance analysis workflows, so do the numbers of users, not only in Rugby League, but in sport overall. In fact, Nacsport is used across 35+ different sports across the world! This is due to the versatility of the software and the level of detail that Nacsport is capable of collating for the analyst and the coaching team, both live and post event. Look out for Nacsport Update 5.0 releasing soon!

We are delighted to announce our latest Rugby League user – Army Rugby League Women, who have purchased Nacsport along with the Tag&view iPad app. If you are wondering what this is – do check it out as it can save a lot of time. You can live tag to create your analysis using an iPad to sync with the video later, or, use the iPad camera to capture videos of training drills too for example.

We interviewed SSgt Warren Broadley, who is the Head Coach of Army Rugby League Women.

Why did you choose Nacsport?

Before choosing Nacsport, I tested several different software programmes which were all good. However, Nacsport provided something a little extra. The programme is more user friendly, better value for money and the technical support is always on hand along side the instructional videos on YouTube.

How have you found it so far? 

I’ve picked up the application very quickly and not had to refer to the instructional videos often. I believe anyone with little analysis knowledge can become very accomplished on the software very quickly.

How do you plan on using it?

It’s now well into the off season and I’ve only had chance to use it for a short while. Already I’m finding the benefits of the software; being able to break down each play, tag every player involved and scrutinise everything down to the smallest details. It’s helping me plan for next season.  

What do you feel are the main benefits to you as a coach?

Being able to sit down with the team and also individuals to discuss and go through their clips is going to benefit and improve the team immensely.

Once the season gets underway, I am looking forward to using Tag&view too. Nacsport will benefit the team so much, especially when the season starts, and the players can sit down and see it in action. There will be many more examples of it in use to come.

These key points really underpin what we want to achieve at AnalysisPro when enhancing performance analysis processes throughout sport.

  • User friendly tools and value for money.
  • Technical support on hand and instructional videos.
  • Quick to get started.
  • Break down plays.
  • Scrutinise the detail.
  • Improve the team and individuals.

Many thanks to SSgt Broadley for taking part in this short case study for Army Rugby League Women, we will look forward to seeing how you get on as the season starts!

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