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  • Bradley Grice

Millfield School Performance Analysis in Squash

We treat you with another case study looking into the ever-improving Millfield School Performance Analysis set up, as this time we look at analysing Squash! It’s fascinating to see how Millfield School utilise different products to work completely in sync with one another. Here at AnalysisPro we aim to provide the analysis tools to enhance the knowledge of the coach to then improve the player, knowledge is power! If you missed the last blog focusing on tennis – it’s available here.

In this blog, we explore the recent rise of performance analysis in Millfield Squash, who work closely with us here at AnalysisPro to break boundaries in elite youth squash data analysis.

This year, Millfield Squash added a new dimension to their already successful squash summer camp. Pupils enjoyed analysing their techniques and parents were able to watch the camp activities in real time.

Ian Thomas (Director of Millfield Squash) and Jack Like (Millfield Lead Performance Analyst) identified that in order to give athletes the best opportunity to grow, pupils needed consistent structures in performance analysis. During term time, pupils are now able to watch their individual sessions and understand areas of development. Pupils can share their sessions with their parents and home coaches, which we feel helps the continuity of the player’s development.

Millfield recognises the recent progression PA (Performance Analysis) has had within the squash programme over the last year and has invested in our incredible AP Capture camera solution, as our high definition 4K camera system is now in use for their squash department. Millfield has also invested in state-of-the-art Tag&Go and Tag&View iPad analysis software from Nacsport.

AP Capture set up at Millfield School

Alongside these investments in high-level PA software solutions, the Millfield PA Department has become a key component of home and away squash competitions.

Ian Thomas is the Director of Millfield Squash, he says;

To have Jack Like, our full-time lead performance analysis technician, travelling to European competitions with the squad has been of great benefit to the players. Their personal perspective, married with the coaches thoughts, the after-match video footage and analysis has given athletes a holistic view of their performance.

Jack Like European travel

Ian Thomas – Director of Millfield Squash continues…..

As Director of Millfield Squash and Head Aspire Coach for England Squash, I have been fascinated at how quickly analysis has benefited the holistic development of our squash athletes. Performance Analysis is helping the athletes to ask many more questions about how to improve their game with an ever-increasing growth mindset.

Jack Like continues…..

The squash coaches and athletes use a tailor-made template on Nacsport Tag&go, which contributes to the overall analysis that is collected. We built something that would be both easy to use and helpful to keep score during games, so coaches and pupils can now analyse games using this template below without me being present.

Tag&go in action Squash

Nacsport Template

Jack Like

My role in the team is to research and analyse key areas of the athletes’ performance. Below is an example of how we have looked into rally analysis; athletes were then able to discover if they won more points during larger or smaller rallies. We also look at how our athletes and their opposition are losing points. We use ‘Highlight Clip’ buttons on all our windows as this is a great tool to use when building an athletes confidence or showing them something they did really well.


As of last year, they have driven to get pupils more engaged with sports analysis!

Jack Like

What we are discovering is that pupils have become extremely smart in their sports, so we provide them with detailed performance data and present it in a simplistic way. It’s no secret that kids love technology! Now that we have pupils that have the capability to analyse sports matches themselves, this could potentially be the start of a fantastic career in performance analysis for them.

Evann is a fantastic example of a pupil who has embraced performance analysis to improve his sports skillset. Evann, when not playing, also films and analyses games, supporting the Performance Analysis Department at Millfield. Evann is also the Captain of Millfield Squash and sets an example for pupils at the school and across the country on how useful performance analysis can be when you invest time and effort into the process.

Millfield student

Evann – Millfield Squash Captain and Pupil Assistant Squash Analyst

As a pupil at Millfield I could see the value performance analysis has within squash. It has improved my game in many ways. The programme picks up my weaknesses and strengths, helping me adjust my training schedule and bringing my game to another level. Jack makes the analysis equipment seem very simple and easy to use.

There is a real art around how performance analysis is structured with youth sports. We can see by the spike in the Performance Analysis Department’s involvement with Millfield Squash they have managed to get this structure right.

student at Millfield

This year, Millfield School has also hosted one of its largest squash events ‘South West Gold Competition’, which was the first gold event in South West England to ever be played; squash clubs from across the country attended with over 200+ athletes competing across the three-day event. Alongside this, the Performance Analysis Department supported this incredible event with a live stream of matches using their state of the art IP camera system; AP Capture. We have also released an update to our companion AP Scoreboard app, which allows Millfield Squash to embed the live scoring into the live stream!! Very cool!

So there we have it!

An insight into an incredible workflow by Millfield School, using synergetic products to work harmoniously to create results! For information on any of the products shown here, please contact us and we will happily help.


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