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  • Bradley Grice

MMAD mirroring the top flight with Nacsport & AP Capture

We have started a new project to support the MMAD Academy, by providing performance analysis solutions that mirror the very top flight.

After a significant duration without rugby, or any sport for that matter, it thankfully seems that things are now looking much brighter. With this project, we’re delighted to be assisting a strong come back for MMAD Academy, a Welsh based rugby team made up of the schools Mynydd Mawr and Dinefwr.

The MMAD concept and facility was created to offer talented young rugby players the best possible opportunity to pursue a professional career in rugby union. This article is the first in a succession of articles that will show and tell you what we will be doing with them along the way.

It all starts with a group of committed and passionate rugby coaches with a vision to give every player the best opportunity to succeed in the game. With AnalysisPro on their doorstep, it made sense to embark on a project to support their performance analysis workflows with our solutions and expertise.

You may be aware already, but we are the distributors of the Nacsport video analysis software for the UK and Ireland and the providers of the AP Capture Fixed and Mobile IP Camera Fixed solutions a winning combination used at the very top flight as well as at grass roots, club sport, schools, colleges, and universities, who can mirror those top flight filming and video analysis workflows.

This combination is exactly what is being implemented at the MMAD Academy! A new fixed AP Capture IP Camera on the half way line will provide high quality footage (in up to 4K quality) for live and post event video analysis processes with the Nacsport video analysis software. Alongside this, AP Capture’s live streaming tools will allow MMAD to live stream their games to YouTube or Facebook with an overlaid scoreboard, timer and intermittent sponsor logos. They can even play external promotional video content as part of the live stream too!

On a previous visit with the AP Capture Sports Mast solution, Jon live streamed MMAD played RGC East U15s (Welsh commentary) with a scoreboard and clock overlaid as you can see here:

The AP Capture IP Camera will give the MMAD coaches an IP feed that can be captured live into the Nacsport video analysis software on a secondary machine. The coaches will then be able to capture and tag the AP Capture footage in real-time, to give live stats and clips during the game (also saving time afterwards) and they can even share the analysis to other devices on a secure network!

When the capture finishes, MMAD coaches will have an MP4 file (that can be used immediately) for post event video analysis processes.

In addition to the Nacsport software, the KlipDraw Animate tools will be used to add powerful telestrations to key clips to enhance coaching points. The Tag&view iPad app will also be explored for portable live in game tagging.

When the analysis is complete, the Sharimg online platform will be utilised to upload analysis and presentations for players and coaches to login and review from any device. The players will even be able to watch the videos and make their own clips and analysis, enhancing their learning process and analysis understanding too.

Each product will have it’s moment in the sun!

Bradley and Jon have already delivered the first Nacsport video analysis training session, where coaches could see an effective Nacsport process and a practical session on building a buttons template, so they are ready to clip those all important KPIs!

The next article will explore the installation of the AP Capture IP Camera solution and the next phase in the road map to mirroring world class video analysis processes at the MMAD Academy.

Stay tuned!


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