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  • Bradley Grice

The Nacsport Versions – Which Performance Analysis software is best for me?

This blog is ideal for those who are interested in the Nacsport Video Analysis Software, but just do not know where to start! After reading this, you will find out what each Nacsport version can actually do.

Get a brief overview of the Nacsport Version Differences here

I will look to show why you may want a higher functionality Nacsport version for the workflows you have in mind and show you all the amazing possibilities throughout the Nacsport software suite. But still keep in mind that following our ‘Analysis For All’ principles, we offer you a starting Nacsport Basic licence for just £130 (+vat). Sure, it’s the lowest Nacsport version but you can still start an effective video analysis program; live or post-event. You can easily start tagging the images you see in front of you, ideal to see what really happened when those all-important moments occurred…. which is the whole point of video analysis in the first place!

I will highlight the key differences between the 6 different Nacsport versions and what each one actually does.

To accompany this blog and if you are a ‘visual learner’, I would strongly recommend watching the version differences videos in this blog and having this next page open in a new tab. It’s the KNOWLEDGE BASE! An extensive selection of videos to show you the software in action!

Click to open in a separate tab –

If you don’t understand some of the terminologies here (let’s say for example ‘the Matrix’, which can mean a lot of things to many people, but in Nacsport is a quadrant of statistics from your codes) just type ‘Matrix’ in this search bar (shown above) and flick through the fountain of video knowledge!

Firstly, lets look at a quick overview of Nacsport…

The Nacsport software is used across 60 countries and in more than 35 different sports. The features and range of versions available mean it is used by national governing bodies and professional teams like Liverpool FC and Gloucester Rugby, but also by local grass-roots teams, schools, colleges and universities. Check out this blog on the University of Essex featuring a video of Lecturer Dr Edward Hope explaining how and why they use Nacsport.

With affordable costs and lifetime licenses, there is a Nacsport version to suit your budgets and requirements.

Nacsport is easy to learn and quick to use. Your analysis is made efficient thanks to the Nacsport features and workflows that have been developed for coaches, based on user feedback and requests from those out in the field. Nacsport users are fully supported throughout the process; utilising the Knowledge Base and our dedicated Support Team.

Versions Differences Video

This video (Part 1 of 2) runs through the following points and let’s you see everything in action. Definitely worth watching if you are new to Nacsport or don’t understand all of the terms and features yet.

Now, lets get comparing the key features across the versions, starting with Nacsport Basic.

  1. The Price! – £75 (+vat) per year. For this, you can start using the power of video and statistical data! Can you really remember everything that happened? Video analysis helps unlock key moments for you.

  2. Click and register actions to analyse LIVE or post event. Live capture and analysis is available in all Nacsport versions.

  3. Create your own templates with 25 on-screen buttons called Categories and progress from pen and paper into computerised software to clip up what you want.

  4. ‘Categories’ – Buttons to register actions with either pre-set clips times or a manual mode (turn on and off).

  5. Each time you click your ‘Buttons template’, you will enter this Category into a timeline of events.

  6. Easily switch to the ‘timeline environment’ to review each category clip. You can view clips side by side to compare.

  7. Create a ‘Dashboard’, a set of customised graphs, charts and labels to visually show the data. Bar, Pie etc.

  8. Create ‘Presentations’ and fill up colour coded ‘lists’ with the clips you want to present, then also add your dashboard and pictures.

  9. Write notes and add drawings onto your clips. You can purchase and integrate the KlipDraw tools for telestrations like you see on the TV! i.e arrows, moving a player, spotlights etc.

  10. Present within Nacsport or EXPORT your clips to share around with players, coaches, parents, fans etc.!

And now Basic Plus! With everything Basic can do and….

  1. Introducing to you, the ‘Descriptors’!! Think of them like adjectives to the categories. Descriptors add another layer of information – i.e left, right, attacking third.

  2. You now get double the number of buttons to utilise the powerful ‘Descriptor’ buttons! (50 total instead of 25)

  3. With your ‘Categories’, they create something very special….. A ‘matrix’ of statistics! Matrix data is linked to your clips to easily watch specific moments. The descriptors run across the top and the Categories down the left of this visual grid.

  4. You get another ‘Dashboard’ to create (2 rather than 1), a set of customised graphs, charts and labels to visually show the data. Bar, Pie etc.

  5. You get a ‘Play by Play’ window so you can easily search and see what you have registered in the registering environment.

  6. Within the same network, you can use the live streaming tool to wirelessly send a live dashboard of stats for review on other devices. Want to send data to the coaching staff on the bench? This lets you start. The receiver will only need a device with a web browser.

  7. Import and export XML files to and from other timeline-based tools! i.e Instat, WyScout, SportsCode, Opta and more.

Now to Scout, a VERY popular version, especially if wanting to compare across your analysis files. Everything Basic Plus can do and….

  1. You now have unlimited buttons on your template.

  2. You can now make unlimited dashboards!

  3. Register without a video source knowing the game is being recorded. Use your template against a timer and link up to video after.

  4. Import full SportsCode/Gamebreaker packages (Quicker process – imports data & video).

  5. You can sync a second video angle to the timeline.

  6. Fill a presentation windows with clips from multiple games.

  7. You can open multiple timelines at once! Very handy and lets you use the multiple matrix to focus on and compare your KPI’s over different games.

  8. Within the same network, you can use the live streaming tool to wirelessly send a live dashboard AND VIDEO CLIPS!!! Now your coaching staff can watch back those registered actions during the game too.

Things just got serious, here we are in Nacsport Pro!

  1. Create templates with 3 Panel Flows and Clusters.

  2. Scrub back during a live capture. Lets you go back, watch again, edit and add more detail live.

  3. The ability to start using Coach Station – letting you share the whole captured video in real time with other Nacsport machines for them to freely scrub back and forth through.

  4. A powerful clip finding search tool within one timeline.

  5. Sync 4 angles to your timeline for a more in depth review of your footage.

  6. Remove unused footage to delete parts of the video with no analysis (reduces file sizes).

  7. Template counters are linked to the video for another easy way to review.

We are now at the top of our game! It’s la crème de la crème, it’s Nacsport Elite…

  1. Unlimited ‘Panel Flows’ on your template (rather than 3 in Pro Plus). You can also add activation and deactivation links between buttons, determine where descriptors go in those links and block them from going into certain categories too.

  2. Auto List and Auto Presentation options for your buttons. You know the key clips you will want to review, so let Nacsport automate your presentation creation processes.

  3. Powerful search tool for combinations of categories and descriptors across every timeline.

  4. Descriptor Calculator.

  5. Matrix Composer.

  6. Dashboard to show results from multiple timelines.

  7. Enhanced Dashboard features – Calculations, Last 5 Data Labels, Variable Labels.

  8. The ‘Tag&view’ app live video and/or data can be imported live into a Nacsport Elite capture.

  9. Enhanced ‘Coach Station’ letting you share the video and data in real time with other Nacsport machines for them to freely scrub back and forth through everything, go to specific moments and use an interactive dashboard.

Phew! And it doesn’t just stop here as Nacsport is always evolving! We have some exciting new developments tweeted by the developer himself – take a look:

What about just select several players to track at once? If you know how to do it simpler, please tell me.:) #telestration #performaceanalysis @KlipDraw @Nacsport #drawings #soccer #football #basketball #filedhockey #icehockey #lacrosse #netball #handball #anysport #soeasy — Alberto RG. (@albertorg1) February 18, 2019

There is #freedata that you can get from your #timeline with @Nacsport Overlap actions to see how they interact in a visual way. You have a lot of data, now its time for #Datavisualization Are you ready to improve your workflows or you still sleeping in your old fashion ways? — Alberto RG. (@albertorg1) March 6, 2019

So…. let’s take a moment to recap.

  1. Nacsport Elite – Enhanced data analysis, automated processes, live sharing, syncrhonised data collection and review across multiple timelines.

  2. Nacsport Pro – Huge benefits for live analysis. Start scrubbing through video and sharing to Coach Station.

  3. Nacsport Scout – Start to compare across different games. Start to share clips live to wireless devices. Most popular version for price & features.

  4. Nacsport Basic Plus – Create more data and review specific moments easily with the Dashboard and Matrix.

  5. Nacsport Basic – Clip your games live and post event. Review basic statistics and create presentations to share and review.

So, there we have it! Hopefully you had the Knowledge Base open, but if you didn’t – please take a look.

Buying your licence is easy, just email and we will be in touch to organise your licence code and instructions. Take your step into the amazing world of Nacsport.

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