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  • Bradley Grice

Nacsport Basic and Basic+ – what can you achieve and at what cost?

If you are looking to use video analysis in football, rugby union, rugby league, hockey, Gaelic games (GAA), netball, tennis or any sport for that matter, then read on.

If your team is in grass roots sports, amateur, school, college or university sport, or if you are on a sports course, or even working at a semi pro club or at the top flight, the chances are that the Nacsport video analysis software will give you the tools you need.

Here at AnalysisPro, we exist to educate and enhance the sport performance analysis workflows utilised at the elite levels of competition, whilst empowering coaches and video analysts from the grassroots levels up to replicate these effectively.

Yes, we have top flight Nacsport video analysis software users with dedicated performance analyst roles, who form a key part of their sport coaching team, and these analysts use advanced features of the software package to achieve their goals. But, what if you want to start a sport video analysis program but do not think you have the money to do so, or you do not think you will be backed to spend available money in this area?

If this sounds like you, Nacsport Basic or Basic+ could be a very sensible choice. It will keep your processes simple and straight forward, but enable you to provide critical information with video clips and match statistics. This information is used to improve team performance and encourage conversation based on accurate accounts of what actually happened – 100% of what the camera has seen!

What can you achieve in these versions? Unless stated, all of the following is achievable in both Nacsport Basic and Basic+!

It all starts with video

Firstly, let me quickly discuss capturing video and filming sport. Do you already have access to a video of the match or are you already filming?

If not, it is reassuring to know that Nacsport will work with pretty much any video file, so it will be a case of using any video camera you have available and opening the video file in Nacsport after the event. Then you are ready to start coding, tagging, registering, clipping, highlighting (there are a number of terminologies for the same thing!).

You will find the link below useful if you would like some help on choosing your filming equipment:

Now to tag your video

Start with a pen and paper and write down what you really think will benefit you and your team to see again (making clips), and what statistics you think are beneficial to evaluate your performance.

Create a customised buttons template in the software to make this possible.

You can create buttons as either a Category or Descriptor.

Categories are for clipping the video, Descriptors are for describing the clip. Therefore, a Descriptor button will always be pressed following a Category.

You simply click the button that corresponds to what you are seeing on the video – it is clipping and counting as you click.

Action 1 happened (click Category) – now add more information about it (click the Descriptors). This is great if looking to tag player actions for individual analysis for example!

In Nacsport, you have video controls to fast-forward, rewind, skip, pause, and play in slow motion or frame by frame when analysing and reviewing. The quicker you can work through your video, the quicker you will complete your analysis.

The crucial difference between Nacsport Basic and Nacsport Basic+ is the use of the Descriptor button and also the number of buttons you can use in your template:

25 Category Buttons allow you to create clips of 25 different events.

50 Buttons of Categories and Descriptors, clips and extra data.

£75 (+vat) Annual Licence

£470 (+vat) Lifetime Licence or £140 (+vat) Annual Licence

Review your video analysis

You can review each clip in a timeline, easily using hotkeys to move up and down your Category rows and registers inside them.

Will your players want to sit through every clip though? Definitely not!

You have many options to make it easier for them to get to the key moments.

You can review each clip in an interactive statistical dashboard of graphs, charts, and labels!

Clicking on a specific element on the dashboard will show the video behind the stat!

In Basic+, you can also review a matrix of stats (a table of your Categories and Descriptors).

Share your video analysis

Now, your final step – create a presentation!

Open a new window with the presentation tool. This allows you to create your own playlists from your timeline of clips.

You can populate the presentation lists with clips from your timeline and add notes, pictures, import PowerPoint slides and more. But now…

To finish your video clips off, you can even add professional telestrations using the KlipDraw Animate tool ** ! Arrows, spotlights, sparkles, doughnuts, moving players and more – just like a pundit from Sky Sports!

Choose to export your presentation as an MP4 file to share as you wish or choose to present from within the software! You could even upload the presentation or the whole game video and analysis to Nacsport’s online platform, Sharimg. This way your team can review and comment around everything whenever and wherever.

Go further with your analysis

Even with Nacsport Basic and Nacsport Basic+, you can start some live, real time registering processes! Sharing of data to the bench with Nacsport Basic+ is a reality! But these processes are a story for another day.

Also, from Nacsport Basic+ you can easily import XML files from third party data providers such as WyScout or Instat as well as sharing across different video analysis software platforms like Hudl Sportscode, Dartfish, Coach Logic and others.

Start your analysis journey

Throughout this blog, I hope you will have seen how much is possible with the starting versions of Nacsport Basic and Nacsport Basic+. So what now?

You can start a free 30 day trial of either Nacsport version to try these processes out for yourself. By making contact, we can get you started with a trial and learn more about what you would like to achieve. This will help us ensure you are on the most suitable version and using the best workflows possible!

* The Basic+ £85 (+vat) renewal fee is optional but strongly advised.

** The KlipDraw Animate tool is discounted to £70 (+vat) per year for Nacsport users.

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