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UCFB Performance Analysis and Football courses

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You guessed it! UCFB (University Campus of Football Business) are users of our performance analysis solutions! We are so proud of our clients and how our programs are used throughout a multitude of sports and organisations, all tailored to suit their specific needs. Whether it is the school, club, university or something as unique as UFCB, we blog to share best practice to current and potential users of the ever-growing, ever-successful use of video analysis!

Sport is a multi-billion-pound sector. Having the necessary courses and qualifications is paramount to fulfil ambitious careers. This is exactly what UCFB offer. It’s a ‘world first’ in sports education, offering university degrees in the football and sports industry. UCFB provide an exceptional environment to live and learn with state-of-the-art facilities in two inspirational campuses in London and Manchester, which have the iconic Wembley and Etihad stadiums at their heart. UCFB is dedicated to the delivery of ground-breaking undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the strategic, operational and business facets of football and sport, thus providing a gateway for graduates to aspire to fulfil successful careers in sport.

We have seen video analysis become an integral part of studying sport, and Nacsport is now a prominent part of the degree program of UCFB at both the Wembley and Etihad campus. They use Nacsport alongside the effective and impactful integration of KlipDraw for their UCFB performance analysis workflows.

Let’s now investigate why UFCB use Nacsport?

We spoke to Tom Wenham, a lecturer at UCFB –

There is a multiplex of degrees offered here at UCFB, one particular course is Sports Business and Coaching. Nacsport is an essential part of the course when it comes to the UCFB performance analysis module.

How long have you used it for?

I haven’t only used Nacsport in UCFB performance analysis. In my position as Head Coach of England Men’s lacrosse, we’ve been using Nacsport for analysis of all our games, the opposition and training for a few years already.

Why did you choose Nacsport for UCFB?

Presentations – we wanted a high-quality way to present our analysis. Nacsport allows an easy way to make a presentation from various timelines of data, clearly emphasising points with KlipDraw.

“It quick, it’s easy and it’s effective.”

We wanted a Windows-based product that we could make use of additional features. We find Tag&go a particularly useful app too for mobile analysis.

Mike Phelan UCFB

How are the students using the tools?

The students are very hands-on using Nacsport. They not only use it for their module work but also when they work at grassroots and national league clubs, it adds another string to their bow for them to take on into their sporting career.

What do they think of the software?

Feedback from the students has been extremely positive with a number commenting favourably on the ease of use in comparison to other software packages. We had a recent training day for Nacsport provided by Josh Bryan from AnalysisPro. It was extremely well received, with students feeding back on how much they’d learnt in such a short space of time. The level of support provided on the day, and the links to the online tutorials were invaluable in the build-up to their final assignment.

Josh Bryan delivering Nacsport and KlipDraw training to UCFB students

So, there we have it!

For UCFB performance analysis, it’s all about the ‘sharing’ resources created in the powerful presentation tool of Nacsport. As a coach – that’s the most important bit. Relaying, advising, guiding your prospects to improve and achieve. Creating the powerful presentation windows layered with KlipDraw’s powerful telestration tools.

Note: Tom spoke about Tag&go, this is an additional Nacsport tool, enabling you to tag actions live at pitchside on an iPad or iPhone. After linking back up to Nacsport, you could generate a presentation straight after the game to maximise the effect. More info here on Tag&go –

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