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2018 World Cup KlipDraw Competition

World Cup 2018 – KlipDraw Competition

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching! In less than 2 weeks, hosts Russia will kick off against Saudi Arabia, on the 14th June at the Luzhniki Stadium. There is guaranteed to be plenty of action throughout the tournament and as always, a huge amount of analysis and opinions being shared over every form of media.

To celebrate the World Cup, we are running a competition from now until 22nd July (one week after the final) to give you a chance of winning a 1-year KlipDraw Animate licence for free! Entrants will be placed into a hat, with a live draw taking place on Twitter on 23rd July to reveal the winner.

To be in with a chance of winning the licence, you just have to get involved with the football analysis taking place and share some KlipDraw analysis of your own! If you already have a KlipDraw licence, you can create some content to share and if you don’t have a KlipDraw licence, you can easily download a demo for free on the KlipDraw website to get involved with the competition.

*(Competition open to entrants from the UK and Ireland only)*


So, how do you enter?

  1. Use KlipDraw to analyse a football video. It can be your own team or footage of another team (perhaps something from one of the World Cup games), and it can either be from a match or training.
  2. Export a video from KlipDraw using different animation tools available to highlight your key findings, coaching points and analysis.
  3. Share your video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. When sharing, you must tag the @AnalysisPro and @KlipDraw accounts and use the hashtags #WorldCup and #AnalysisForAll to be entered.


Check out my analysis of the opening #WorldCup game using @KlipDraw. Look at the defensive system Russia are using. @AnalysisPro #AnalysisForAll


How many times can you enter?

Your name can be entered into the draw once a week. So, the more that you share throughout the competition, the more chance you have of winning a KlipDraw Animate licence!

That’s up to 7 times that your name could be entered into the draw!


How will you know if you’ve been entered?

If you have followed the criteria, we will comment/reply to your post to thank you for your entry and confirm that your name has been entered into the draw.


Good luck!

All that’s left to say is good luck! We hope you enjoy the World Cup and can get involved with the analysis by sharing your own KlipDraw videos for others to see.


Take a look at this video to see some examples of KlipDraw analysis that you could apply. 

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