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Queen Ethelburga’s and Mardyke Arena renewals

Today, we would like to say a big thanks to Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate Foundation (QE) and Mardyke Arena for renewing and expanding the performance analysis packages we provide them with.

We first started working with QE last year when they chose 4 Nacsport Basic Plus licences and a MyTPE website that would house 150 staff and pupils who take part in multiple sports within the school. This year, they have renewed all of these tools again, along with getting an additional 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences to provide staff from different sports with the ability to analyse their performances. We look forward to working with QE for another year and seeing how their performance analysis processes continue to progress and develop!

Mardyke Arena first started using our tools back in 2013 when they took up a MyTPE platform that they could use to provide their different teams with analysed video clips, statistics, calendars, questionnaires and more. The platform is still used to date, after ongoing renewals, and gives Mardyke Arena and it’s clients a method to manage their teams more effectively. In 2014, they also got two of our first AP Capture Mobile Tripod solutions that enable them to film more pitches (both at the Arena and at away grounds) where they previously didn’t have the vantage point to do so. Earlier this year, I caught up with the team at Mardyke Arena to see how they were getting on with both MyTPE and AP Capture, but to also show them the soon to be released (at the time) online video analysis tool MyTPA. I am pleased to say that Mardyke Arena continue to use MyTPE, AP Capture, and also MyTPA since version 1 was released as part of their performance analysis support services. MyTPA gives them the ability to share a whole match footage, along with the timeline and matrix analysis that has been created by Len Browne, for their teams to review on any computer or tablet with an internet connection. The users can review the timeline and matrix footage and create playlists of these clips, which they can supplement with feedback notes they can add onto each clip. The Analyst users on the platform can also use MyTPA to analyse the footage further and add their own clips into the timeline too.

We’re really pleased that Mardyke Arena continue to use our tools and we’re proud to be part of the top quality service they provide to multiple teams in Ireland. Nora Aherne and Len Browne have kindly provided us with some words on how they use MyTPE and MyTPA so we would like to say a big thanks to them and everybody at Mardyke Arena for their continued trust in who we are and what we provide.

MyTPE and MyTPA offer clients of the Mardyke Arena an affordable supplementary service that supports our High Performance services and delivery. We currently have 24 clubs actively using MyTPE and approximately 700 users on the system. Our clubs span across multiple disciplines including GAA, Soccer and Rugby. The user friendly platform is multi-functional, providing users with real time exchange of data, reports and statistics. MyTPE also acts as a medium for the quick dissemination of reports and videos to both coaches and players in order to analyse and enhance performance. We also use MyTPE as a vital communication tool within the organisation. The calendar function allows Managers and Heads of Department to effectively schedule and communicate daily activities across multiple departments.

Nora Aherne – Performance Services Manager

The MyTPE platform in use here at the Mardyke Arena, University College Cork, gives us the opportunity to manage multiple teams with regards to all aspects of performance support. Whether it is performance analysis, player monitoring, creating discussions or communicating with team’s managers and players, MyTPE has the tools to enhance our support service. For us, it’s the versatility of the system that is it’s great advantage. The ability to customise MyTPE to fit the requirements of each different team means that it really is a wonderful tool to have when looking to develop a high performance culture for any team. Used in the right way, it can be a massive advantage to the team, players and management who have the desire to see a team grow and develop over a course of time. Here at the Mardyke Arena, MyTPE has helped to advance the learning and development of teams and management in the time we have been using it and we see it as a great and necessary tool to continue the development of the teams we are dealing with.

Len Browne – Head of Performance Analysis

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