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Huddersfield Giants Rugby League expand video analysis with Nacsport

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Huddersfield Giants rugby league team and their video analysis processes since 2014, when I was first approached by Kieron Purtill (then Assistant Coach at the Giants), who has since continued to work with AnalysisPro and Nacsport at other clubs like Leigh Centurions, Widnes Vikings and Hull FC. The Giants were the first Super League team to start using Nacsport, and the second team we started working with (Halifax were the early adopters!).

In 2019, the Giants appointed Lewis Chapman as their new Head Analyst. Lewis is a previous graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University so has used Nacsport for a long time, and he also worked closely with Ste Mills at Castleford Tigers before getting his role at the Giants too. I was really pleased to see Lewis get his Head Analyst position and it’s great to know he wants to evolve the club’s use of video analysis.

I’m delighted that we are continuing to support the Giants with their Rugby League video analysis processes each year and particularly as Lewis wanted to implement some powerful changes for the club in 2021. In this post, Lewis and his colleagues will share some further insights about the latest developments and impacts for the club’s performance analysis workflows.

Huddersfield Giants video analysis laptop stickers with Nacsport and AnalysisPro

So before I leave you with Lewis’ words, I would like to say thanks to Lewis and his colleagues for sharing and of course thanks to the club for their continued trust in Nacsport and Sharimg as their video analysis tools for Rugby League.


The new season brought around some high expectations at the club, with a new Head Coach being introduced. A big emphasis has been put on video becoming the biggest learning tool for players, with the players taking accountability and ownership on this.

The biggest change we have seen at the club this season is the introduction of a player analysis room and getting all the computers onto Nacsport. With this being achieved at the start of pre-season, it has become a vital tool for the players to use and one of our most important pieces of equipment in ensuring players are prepared to perform at their best each week. This addition has ensured the players have more input and insight but also adds the accountability and responsibility for performances that we want. Lewis Chapman (Head Analyst)
Huddersfield Giants players prepare for matches by reviewing video analysis with the Nacsport Viewer software

The previews and reviews have largely been the same, with the Head Coach taking full control of these so far this season. However, this process has been changed by the aforementioned player analysis room which has allowed players to watch videos on the opposition before they are going into meetings.

Nacsport is a great software and having it on the computers downstairs has been important for me delivering my workflows to players with little time delay, which allows us to always improve for the next training day. Luke Robinson (Assistant Coach)

Presentations are put onto the computers before each game, which gives the players the opportunity to split into the units and go over specific videos of their opponents in more detail.

Huddersfield Giants players prepare for their rugby league matches by reviewing video analysis with the Nacsport Viewer software
Having Nacsport on the computers has allowed me to review video and data in one easy window with it being position specific. This has also allowed for easy access to opposition previews and a better look at them before and after our team meetings. Michael Lawrence (Club Captain)

The most noticeable and important changes from last season are the constant use of these Nacsport computers to review training. With the new coach coming in, this was one of the key things he wanted for this year, and with Nacsport’s ease of use, the players have been able to jump straight on with no issues. This has allowed greater discussion within the whole group, between players and coaching staff, which has seen the players start taking accountability for their own development and identifying points in the video for coaches to have a look at. One of the biggest challenges of a new coach coming in is getting their playing styles implemented within the whole playing group and the understanding of this has been made greater by having the Analysis area to use.

Huddersfield Giants do their live Rugby League Video Analysis with Nacsport
Nacsport is the best analysis tool I have worked with to date. It is very flexible to make it produce the output you desire and with the current climate, the cost effectiveness of the software is a bonus. The ease of use makes it the perfect software for players to get their hands on to review their performances. Lewis Chapman (Head Analyst)

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