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Nacsport Video Analysis Software for Hockey – User workflows

It’s time to put the limelight on using the Nacsport video analysis software for Hockey. We have seen a high number of new Hockey teams and coaches turn to Nacsport in recent months, with users at all levels of the game. I put this article together to show you what some of them have been up to and what they think of the software!

Also, if you haven’t seen what we released on our social media/newsletter yet, within this article you will find a free Hockey template and dashboard that you can use in Nacsport Scout, and also a template for the Basic+ version.

So, this blog article should give you:

  1. Inspiration from existing Hockey coaches and analysts using Nacsport

  2. Free Hockey material to use in Nacsport Scout or Basic+

What more could you want from an article about video analysis software for hockey?!

And, if you’re reading this and are brand new to the software, you will find details on how you can get a free 30-day trial of Nacsport to utilise your new found inspiration from existing Hockey users AND that free material to get you started. It’s a no-brainer!

Let us begin!

Sssshhhhh, don’t tell the guys from all the other sports but the Nacsport video analysis software was originally designed for Hockey!

Created in Spain, it makes sense that the National Spanish Hockey team use it. The header image of this post shows their live capture and analysis setup at the Tokyo Olympics!

Limelight on Craig Stewart (Hockey Coach & Analyst)

Nacsport and AnalysisPro have been central to our Irish JAG (Junior Age Group) Boy’s Hockey program over the past few years. When analysing tournaments, speed of turnaround is key. Using Nacsport Tag&view live enables us to create elite-level, data-rich analysis that directly impacts tactical decisions for our upcoming opponents. The ability to shift this data immediately from the iPad to Nacsport Scout underpins the speed of giving our coaches meaningful insight. This impact comes from powerful Dashboards and the ability to display and mix unlimited videos in our presentations. This year we added data transfer to the bench. In addition to the Tag&view app, key clips are also coded live in Scout. This play-by-play table helps influence match decisions made by our coaching staff. As a completely self-funded program, the functionality and service that we receive from AnalysisPro and Nacsport are second to none. I look forward to seeing the product continue to evolve and can’t wait to see what the next version looks like.

Limelight on Mark Robinson (Hockey Coach & Analyst)

Mark Robinson post event analysis with Nacsport
Player development through the support of video analysis in Hockey has formed part of my coaching delivery for over 15 years. With supporting technologies improving all the time, this process has become more refined in recent years, freeing up more time to dig a little deeper to provide the players and teams that I coach with as much information as is necessary to help support their development within the game.
The introduction of Nacsport to my workflow a year ago has been a complete game-changer with regards to my end-to-end process; across capture, analysis and sharing, the thought having gone into Nacsport adds value to each stage of the process. Creating databases is far more intuitive compared to other similar platforms and the potential to augment this with Descriptors/Graphical Descriptors adds an additional dimension to the in-game content I am collating, as well as speeding up the identification of content at a later stage.
In situations where I am not able to live code, then the introduction of Tag&view has made the post-game merger of database and video content a quick and easy process with the added benefit that databases created on a laptop can be specified to render perfectly on my iPad. When it comes to post-match analysis, I am unashamedly still scratching the surface such is the array of options available to you.
At the heart of it all, the Data Matrix view provides a simple, one-stop view of the most important instances of a game. The ability to then add detail to any and every clip, with the use of Descriptors, notes, audio overlays and KlipDraw all adds to the depth of information I can provide my players in a manner appropriate to getting my point across.
A particular favourite is the ability to quickly build presentation content by pulling together clips from a range of databases; again, extremely useful when it comes to quickly building content that you want to share with your squad from across a series of matches. On a 1-2-1 level, I love using the Video Comparison tool which allows me to work with players on specific technical elements of their game, comparing and contrasting clips from a fixed camera position that can show the development of a particular skill or movement.
Shared content takes the form of both opposition analysis and individual player feedback which can be achieved on platforms such as Nacsport Hub or similar third-party options. For me, it is vital to provide this in a timely manner so that the content remains relevant to those receiving it. Again, Nacsport dramatically shortens the time it takes for me to do this whilst, at the same time, being able to over-deliver in terms of insight and quality of content.

Limelight on Simon Lowry (Hockey Coach)

Simon Lowry multiple Nacsport machines
Nacsport has been a key video analysis tool for us over the last couple of years working with the Irish Boys Hockey teams at both U16 and U18 levels. Live tagging the games using Tag&view has allowed us to greatly increase the depth of analysis that is done in-game. With only a little post-match tidying up, we have all the stats and clips that we need to begin analysing and preparing for the next match and the quick turnaround time is so key when you’re talking about tournament hockey. We love the Dashboard tool, which, when combined with PowerPoint, can provide slick visualisations that are easy for the players to digest. The presentation tool is also essential for us when databasing particular game trends and opposition clips or simply keeping our video debriefs as organised and concise as possible. We’ve also loved using KlipDraw to add clarity to clips and have found that this is something the players find particularly helpful.

So what can we take away from these examples?

So there we have it! Some great insights on the use of video analysis software for Hockey. Overall, it’s interesting to notice three popular tools that make a big difference to performance analysis workflows in Hockey:

  1. The use of the Tag&view iPad app alongside a standard camera to speed up the tagging process and lighten the load post-event.

  2. The impact of statistical Dashboards for a powerful overview of data for the coach to instantly see the game in numbers (and even use as a tool to present!).

  3. The power of building presentation windows with multiple clips from different games, creates an easy way to present to coaches and players, preparing them to perform in an organised and purposeful way.

With the right resources at your fingertips, alongside the technical and applied support we can give you, you won’t go far wrong with launching or evolving your Hockey video analysis program with AnalysisPro!

A huge thanks to the guys for sharing their invaluable insights into using the Nacsport video analysis software in Hockey and specifically to Mark Robinson for his invaluable input on the free material below!

Access the free Hockey template and Dashboard for the Nacsport video analysis software

Firstly, check out this video to see what is possible with this template and Dashboard for Hockey analysis in Nacsport. After that, use the buttons below to let me know what you need and how I can help!

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