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  • Josh Bryan

Scottish FA choose Nacsport and AP Solutions

Today (December 2016), we are very pleased to welcome the Scottish FA as one of our latest Elite level users. After discussions with David Stevenson, Head of Scouting and Performance Analysis, a solution was prepared to enable the Scottish FA to create high quality video, analyse performances in lots of detail and review all of this both live and post event on multiple devices.

This solution includes our AP Capture 4K IP Camera Sports Mast (Mobile Tripod), so that the team can record high quality video at any location they go to. By easily getting the 4K IP Camera up to 6 metres in the air, they have a great vantage point to film their footage and capture it live into the AP Capture software. We visited David Stevenson in November 2016 to deliver his “new toys” at the Oriam, a great environment where the whole solution will be heavily used.

In 2017, we also further enhanced the video analysis solutions at the Oriam by installing three of our 4K PTZ IP Cameras around the indoor pitch, so they can be instantly captured and controlled through Nacsport in the performance analysis offices of the Scottish FA, along with also being used by Scottish Rugby when they are training at the Oriam. The AP Capture V2 software was part of this expansion, enabling the team to capture and control any two AP Capture IP Cameras onto the same machine with a single joystick, opening the door for getting more high quality video footage.

Any feed from the AP Capture Sports Mast or fixed installation IP Cameras can also be linked directly into the Nacsport software for a secondary capture and live analysis, opening the workflow possibilities that are then available through Nacsport.

As the Scottish FA have chosen to have 1 Elite licence, 7 Pro Plus licences, 8 Viewer licences and 8 iPad Tag&go applications, those possibilities are even larger!

When capturing live into the Elite or Pro Plus licences, the Nacsport stream can be turned on so that mobile devices on the same network can see the live statistical dashboard and watch back clips which are being registered live in Nacsport. The ability to carry out this workflow over large distances is made possible by the AP Wireless network solution we have also provided the team. This spreads a wireless network over large distances, so that the Nacsport machine and wireless devices can stay connected.

The mix of Nacsport licences at the Scottish FA means that high-end live analysis workflows can be carried out with the Elite and Pro Plus licences, along with the Tag&go apps which can feed data into those licences. All of this can then be reviewed in the Nacsport software, with powerful presentations being created with notes and drawings overlaid on videos. The Viewer licences also mean that multiple machines can take in all of this analysis data and easily review everything with the timeline, matrix, dashboard and powerful search tool features.

A nice complete workflow don’t you think?

We would like to thank David Stevenson and the Scottish FA for their trust in our AnalysisPro solutions and look forward to working closely with them for years to come.


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