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AP Capture goes to Mardyke Arena

Last week, Jon travelled over to Ireland where he met up with one of our clients and friend George Murray (Munster Rugby) to show off our new toys and continual developments in the product range, with the main agenda of the trip being the delivery of two mobile IP camera solutions to Mardyke Arena UCC. Jon met up with Len Browne and his team to deliver the tripods and cases including the cameras and peripheral equipment, then showed the guys how to set up the solution along with installing AP Capture onto their 2 laptops.

It was also a good chance for Jon to see how Mardyke are continuing to really make the most out of their multiple team TPE solution, with more and more of their clients getting benefits from the system every day. As you may have seen from a previous post, Mardyke Arena have the majority of our product offerings, so when they were further looking over AP Viewer, the guys decided that they would like more AP Viewer licences to go onto more iPads. It’s great to see this organic growth and also great how this can lead us on to the next paragraph!

New AP Viewer user!

This week we would like to welcome Johnny Bradley and the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland (SINI) as our newest member of the growing AP Viewer community. Johnny previously trialled the solution so it’s great for us when we see trials turning into new users, we know we have a brilliant app created so it’s nice to have this affirmation too!

In other news, do you remember the stats output workflow Josh created? We offer Nacsport users a free template and associated stats output which they can use for Rugby. Josh is now working on a similar workflow and offering but for Football, so stay tuned and let us know if you are interested!

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