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Charlie Barwis Reference

We are pleased to be able to share this wonderful reference and video review that Charlie Barwis (Millfield School Performance Analyst) has created for us with you. We have really enjoyed working with Charlie and seeing how his skill sets and experiences have developed over a relatively short period. Millfield School is now a real powerhouse when it comes to having an impressive performance analysis environment and we feel very lucky to be able to work with Charlie and David Faulkner (Director of Sport) as they have put a lot of trust in all of our available products and processes to get them to this stage. We are looking forward to reviewing the year as a whole and continuing this relationship long into the future!

“AnalysisPro have provided first class support since I began my role in September 2013. Both Jon and Josh have been integral in helping me establish and develop a performance analysis infrastructure which simply did not exist before. Their hard work, willingness to help and knowledge of the industry have been invaluable in aiding my role. I believe their core values of Process, Person, Product is at the heart of what they do, they don’t just sell a product, they understand an individuals needs and environment and cater respectively.”

Charlie Barwis – Performance Analyst Millfield School

New addition 21/5/2014

This video gives an overview of the different processes and products which are being used at Millfield School to provide a top class performance analysis service to the coaches and players:


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