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Code It Pro use Nacsport to provide video analysis service

Today I would like to say a very warm welcome to one of our latest Nacsport users who will be using the software to provide an analysis service to those who need it. Eleanor Harding recently set up her new video analysis business, Code It Pro, and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Eleanor a few months ago to talk about her business plans and see if AnalysisPro Ltd could be of assistance.

Eleanor has kindly provided some words below to talk more about her business and when we met so you can find out more about Code It Pro in her own words. With the level of detail that Eleanor wants to provide as an analysis service, she has chosen to work with a Nacsport Pro Plus licence that will also enable her to make use of the powerful graphic descriptor tool for providing some unique feedback to her clients. Along with the Pro Plus licence, Eleanor has a Nacsport Tag&go licence for a more portable analysis option and also a Nacsport Viewer licence which she will use to showcase a different way that clients could receive and review the analysis she is providing.

AnalysisPro would like to say a big thanks to Eleanor for choosing to work with us and we wish her all the very best with her new business. If you are looking for a video analysis service provider, we can really recommend Code It Pro! I will leave you with some words from Eleanor to describe more about her business and why she chose to work with us.

My name is Eleanor and I am delighted to be the founder of brand new video analysis business, Code It Pro, working exclusively with Nacsport software. After spending a season on a work-based experience placement at professional Championship rugby team Cornish Pirates, I decided to take the less conventional route and start a business in order to continue working in the performance analysis industry. I wanted to start Code It Pro as my extensive research had identified a surprising lack of independent video analysis providers, particularly within rugby union. I decided that my experience as a video analyst and coach would lend itself to working with individual teams to help them develop their use of simple yet effective video analysis within their current systems.

When I approached AnalysisPro I didn’t have very in depth knowledge of their products at all, but once I had spoken to Josh I knew that as a company, they would be right for me. Their attention to detail, and understanding of my rather unique needs, set AnalysisPro apart from anyone else. Then came the challenge of deciding which of the Nacsport licences would be best for Code It Pro, for which Josh took the time to take me through all of the options. With an appreciation for my objectives and the budget to which I was working, AnalysisPro are providing me with a product and level of customer service that will no doubt help make Code It Pro a success!

If you think Code It Pro may be able to help you or your team, please get in touch. We work remotely so wherever you are, we can help. With Nacsport software on board and real industry experience, we know how to deliver video analysis solutions that work for you. For more information please visit our website or get in touch.



Code It Pro use Nacsport

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