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Codimg – Video analysis software for Industry and a business opportunity

If you are a regular visitor, you will know that we do a lot of work with sports teams at all levels of performance, from amateur to International. If you are a keen observer, you may have also seen that we apply our performance analysis processes outside of the Sport sector.

One of the major tools which makes this possible is the Codimg video analysis software. This blog will showcase some recent projects and parties involved with using Codimg around the world, along with giving you some information about the different ways in which Codimg could work for you, as an end-user and as a business opportunity.

What is Codimg?


Recent Growth

Codimg has been having a healthy growth recently, with more users from different fields of Industry seeing the benefits of applying video analysis processes into their environments. The pictures shown throughout this blog give you an idea of the different types of industry settings where video analysis processes can be applied and enhanced through Codimg. Remember this important bit of info!

As long as you have a video of an activity, you can easily analyse it with Codimg to extract information to improve understanding and performance.

Codimg video analysis software in different settings

In the UK, we have the majority of our Codimg users based in the Education sector, where they use the software to monitor and facilitate student progress and development in Special Schools for example, along with providing a tool for assessing teachers who are training so that their lesson can be shown back to them with notes around key points for discussion.

One of our first users was the Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory in Bridgend, who were using Codimg to assess the videos of their procedures and register different aspects to make informed decisions about their findings and comparisons.

You can see more information about some of our users in this Blog section, by clicking the Codimg category that will be shown in the menu.

Codimg in use with emergency servicesCodimg used in Medical environments

BETT 2018

Codimg will be on show at the BETT show again this year and I will be in attendance with the Codimg team to showcase the many different benefits for applying video analysis in the Education sector. If you are interested in learning more about Codimg or discussing the business opportunities we have available related to Codimg, this is a great event to get to!

Codimg at BETT 2018

Representing Codimg

We are actively looking for people who are interested in representing Codimg with us in the UK and Ireland. Remember that the Codimg software can be applied into any industry sector outside of sport where video is used. So, if you are experienced in using video and can see where these processes could benefit other users, contact me on josh.bryan@analysispro.com with some background information about yourself and how you feel your experiences could help to spread the word about the benefits of using Codimg! There are attractive distributor commissions connected to promotion and sales and we will fully support your learning of the software and the processes that can be applied, so I look forward to hearing from those who are interested.

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