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England & GB Hockey plus more MyTPE renewals

Today I would like to welcome some new teams into our MyTPE community and also say thanks to some organisations that are continuing to use the online athlete management and file-sharing platform.

After starting to use MyTPE back in 2011, England and GB Hockey again renewed their annual service earlier this year. They have a Digital Platform, which consists of multiple teams all working within their own individual sites that can all be monitored from the top-level platform. Within the organisation, the following teams have access to a site:

U16B, U16G, U18B, U18G, Senior Men, Senior Women, Men’s Development, Women’s Development, Coaching & Talent.

Alistair Patterson is the Lead Analyst with England and Great Britain Men’s Hockey and had this to say about MyTPE:

MyTPE gives us the ability to share video clips and files with any of our players at any time and any location in the world. MyTPE has allowed individuals to do purposeful self led analysis when at home, at the airport or when away visiting the family – It is the empowerment that MyTPE allows which aids the development of players in this way. MyTPE allows remote learning for groups and individuals and is also an opportunity to create an online environment around your own culture to cultivate positive and meaningful conversations.

We are delighted that England and GB Hockey remain one of our longest standing users of MyTPE and we look forward to supporting them for another year. Especially with the Rio 2016 Olympics just around the corner, in which we wish them the best of luck!

Team GB Hockey Team

Another organisation that has been using MyTPE for a number of years (since 2013) is Mardyke Arena at University College Cork. Mardyke Arena also use the MyTPA (online video analysis) platform to supplement their service provisions to different teams from different sports. Nora Aherne is the Performance Services Manager at Mardyke Arena who tells us more about how both of these tools are used:

MyTPE and MyTPA offer clients of the Mardyke Arena an affordable supplementary service that supports our High Performance services and delivery. Our clubs span across multiple disciplines including GAA, Soccer and Rugby. The user-friendly platform is multi-functional, providing users with real time exchange of data, reports and statistics. MyTPE also acts as a medium for the quick dissemination of reports and videos to both coaches and players in order to analyse and enhance performance. We use MyTPE as a vital communication tool within the organisation. The calendar function allows Managers and Heads of Department to effectively schedule and communicate daily activities across multiple departments.

Len Browne is the Head of Performance Analysis at Mardyke Arena and adds:

The MyTPE platform in use here at the Mardyke Arena, University College Cork, gives us the opportunity to manage multiple teams with regards to all aspects of performance support. Whether it is performance analysis, player monitoring, creating discussions or communicating with team’s managers and players, MyTPE has the tools to enhance our support service. For us, it’s the versatility of the system that is it’s great advantage. The ability to customise MyTPE to fit the requirements of each different team means that it really is a wonderful tool to have when looking to develop a high performance culture for any team. Used in the right way, it can be a massive advantage to the team, players and management who have the desire to see a team grow and develop over a course of time. Here at the Mardyke Arena, MyTPE has helped to advance the learning and development of teams and management in the time we have been using it and we see it as a great and necessary tool to continue the development of the teams we are dealing with.

We would like to say thanks to Mardyke Arena for continuing to use MyTPE and MyTPA as part of their performance analysis service delivery!

Josh Bryan with Performance Analysis staff at Mardyke Arena (UCC)

Last but not least, we would like to say thanks to Cardiff MCCU for renewing their MyTPE website for another year. Wondering what MCCU means? Wonder no more!

The Cardiff South Wales MCCU (Crimson Caps) was formed by three universities: Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff University and the University of South Wales.

The MCC Universities, which each receive funding each year from the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club), are aimed at male and female students with potential to play first class cricket and female students who have played to senior county level.  The aim of the MCCU is to give talented young cricketers the chance to receive top-level coaching and playing opportunities whilst furthering their education.

Cardiff MCCU use MyTPE

We would like to thank Cardiff MCCU for their continued use of MyTPE and wish them all the best for another year! We would also like to say thanks Mardyke Arena, Nora Aherne, Len Browne, England & GB Hockey and Ali Patterson.

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