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“Exciting and unpredictable rugby” Christ College using Nacsport

Set beautifully within the luminous green hills of the Brecon Beacons Wales, stands Christ College, founded by Henry VIII all the way back in 1541!! Christ College has recently become a new client of ours here at AnalysisPro by introducing performance analysis to their rugby program, the powerful Nacsport Scout Plus!

Rugby is an important part of Christ College life, by working with the WRU, supporting local and regional Welsh teams and by implementing a high-standard rugby structure. The school fields 1st and 2nd XVs, as well as U16s, U15s, U14s, U13s and U12s teams. Teams play on Wednesday and Saturday against strong Independent Schools and local Welsh schools. There is the prestigious match against Crawshays Welsh Youth and a match against Oratory School on the Arms Park. Each season, several touring sides are hosted including schools from Argentina, Belgium, South Africa and Australia! The team enter the National 7s Rosslyn Park; as well as hosting one of the most prestigious competitions at Christ College.

After first speaking to James Reynolds, the Director of Sport, you could easily tell the passion he has for sport, rugby and the school itself, I then realised he was actually a former pupil at the school himself. Since leaving Christ College, James has been a rugby player himself, graduated from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, University of Cambridge, and has spent 18 years at a School in Weybridge becoming the Director of Sport, before making the full circle back to his own school, Christ College, where he is on a mission to develop and build on a successful rugby program.

We spoke to James –

I am a Christ College Old Boy. aAter a long career within sport and education in Weybridge near London, it was time for me to return home to Brecon, to give back to Christ College, where it all began for me.

I feel the success of sport within a school, can show the strength of the school. I want to build a solid and competitive rugby team. I have done this before, and now I want to do it here at Christ College – I am impressed by the players we have here and will continue to develop and improve our players, I want to play exciting, unpredictable rugby.

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I know the use of video analysis has really grown in recent years, especially in school rugby – I wanted to get the right components in place as well as having something budget sensible– the right camera and software in place to make a difference – AnalysisPro have assisted me do this by advising where needed, to help me start a video analysis program and also choose the right version of the Nacsport software.

James went for Nacsport Scout Plus – this is a powerful and the most popular version of Nacsport within education. It allows you to review timelines from the last 5 games, as well as having unlimited buttons on a template, unlimited dashboards and overall providing a high functionality software to make workflows easy and efficient. (To see the different versions of Nacsport, please see our Facebook Shop). James also opted for the KlipDraw integration. This enables animation to be overlaid onto the video, which is really good for enhancing coaching points and spotlighting your point!

Intriguingly, every school I have ever spoken to in regards to Video Analysis has a different idea into how they will introduce it and why. The good thing about Nacsport is that it’s customisable to what you as the coach wants to find and analyse. You can reflect and encourage conversation with key clips from the game and build up statistics to see the game in numbers. You can also review ‘that Try’, which is always a popular choice when reviewing as a team! Of course, video analysis doesn’t single-handedly win you rugby matches! But it can be another cog in the wheel to help you on your way!

As well as video analysis, James has introduced other ideas – more strength and conditioning sessions, including very early morning starts! And also, things such as the Truck TV, showing the game live on a big screen! Just take a look at the program!

There is a great buzz around the place which is reflective of the Christ College itself, with James already seeing a noticeable improvement with an impressive start to term, Christ College may be ones to watch!

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