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Last week, we told you about the latest update for our AP Capture software which can be used within our mobile tripod and fixed IP Camera solutions. Today, we want to give you more information about the fixed IP Camera solutions we can provide and a recent partnership we have begun that will help us to provide a full installation of poles, cameras, cabling and software setup.

We currently have fixed IP Camera solutions in place at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Millfield School, with an installation completing at Fettes College at the end of May (during half term) and an installation going into a premiership football club in two weeks time that we can’t wait to tell you about! Cardiff Met use a variety of poles from our preferred supplier to cover the football, rugby, athletics and hockey pitches; with more cameras also being installed in the future to provide a filming solution for other sports and pitches around the campus. Millfield School currently don’t use purpose made poles, but instead have attached IP cameras onto existing structures. However, there are plans for more camera installations where we are looking at using the poles from our supplier to service external pitches. Fettes College have got a fantastic 15 metre mast from our suppliers which was recently installed and the premiership football club will be attaching cameras onto existing structures at their training facility.

To help these installations (and future installations) run smoothly, we have partnered with a company who are able to project manage and carry out the necessary groundworks and maintenance required by our different clients and their different environments. We’re really excited about this partnership and will announce it alongside the news of our latest AP Capture user from the Barclays Premier League. Being able to offer clients our IP Camera solutions alongside a full installation takes a lot of work and headaches away from the people who don’t need them!

To help give you an overview of what our fixed IP Camera solutions can do for you, we have created this image to show how we can turn your pitches into “performance areas”. The IP Camera installation and control of these through AP Capture means that you have a powerful filming solution that can be conducted away from pitches, but we can also make the most of these IP Camera feeds by using them for live analysis in Nacsport video analysis software and for putting them onto YouTube through the live broadcast solution we can provide.

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