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Huddersfield Town choose Nacsport

This week we would like to announce one of our latest Nacsport users as Huddersfield Town. I was first introduced to the club’s Performance Analysts, Chris Markham and Nathan Salmon, through Kieron Purtill of the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team (more info on our work with them here). I was able to show them through the Nacsport software before providing them with a demo link to trial Nacsport Basic Plus, which they got the hang of very quickly and made use of in a few matches. Since that demo period, the club have purchased 2 Nacsport Basic Plus licences and also a Nacsport Tag&go licence to provide them with an easy to use handheld solution that is very portable for analysing anything, anywhere! We are really pleased that both Chris and Nathan made the most of their demo time and got stuck into the different features available which they are now making the most of in their match and training processes.

Nathan was kind enough to give us some feedback on their experiences so far:

Our first impressions of the software are very good. Nacsport first came in to conversation when Chris Markham mentioned getting a software to record and clip games live to utilise at half time and full time. I had heard positive reviews of Nacsport before and gained further knowledge about the software from our academy analyst, who had used it briefly whilst at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

During the games, using the software has been fantastic and has been exactly what we needed; to relay back footage during play, and post-match. In the timeline area, the setup is easily understandable and I think the shortcut buttons of ‘1’ and ‘2’ to skip clips are very beneficial.

We used the Tag&go application for the first time in our last game away at Fulham. An excellent application that was easy to use, especially the process of importing a template and exporting a timeline. The method of synchronising the game to the timeline was also very quick and effective, a perfect solution on game day!

A big thanks to Nathan for his feedback and to Chris and all the team for putting their trust in ourselves and the fantastic Nacsport software and Tag&go application.

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