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Millfield School and Mardyke Arena use MyTPA

Recently, we publicly released the new online video analysis tool MyTPA (My Team Performance Analyser). This product is provided by the My Team Performance group who created the popular MyTPE (My Team Performance Exchange) online athlete management and file sharing solution, which had a major facelift and feature improvements added this year with the release of MyTPE Version 7. Although MyTPA was only publicly released on July 1st, we have had a few of our users making the most of the platform during it’s beta and Version 1 stages (it’s now on Version 2) over the last year. Two of our users who subscribed to the Version 1 solution and are now benefitting from the features of Version 2 are Millfield School and Mardyke Arena.


If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you will have seen how the performance analysis provisions at Millfield School have developed over the last two years as they continue to expand and develop their use of our different video analysis solutions. Adding MyTPA into this mix enables students across different sports to watch back their whole game videos and then filter through different actions by viewing the timeline and matrix data (which is imported onto the site with an XML exported from the Nacsport video analysis software where the main analysis is carried out). Students can then create and review playlists within the project and if given the permission, can also download these videos onto their computer. As Millfield School also have MyTPE sites, the playlists can have notes added onto the clips and then the playlist video can be instantly shared onto one of the MyTPE sites for students to view and comment around them as they normally do when on the MyTPE platform. Millfield School have a single Analyst account (which has been run by Charlie Barwis) with 25GB of storage and then 100 Viewer users from different sports, meaning that many videos can be put online for the different students to access and review from any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection and modern browser. As the Wi-fi connection around Millfield School is really strong and accessible everywhere, the students and coaches know that they can carry out their reviews and further their understanding whenever and wherever they are.


Mardyke Arena also use MyTPA in a similar way to Millfield School as they carry out their main video analysis on a computerised video analysis software (Sportscode) then export an XML file which can be imported into the projects they create on MyTPA. One of the big benefits of MyTPA being an online video analysis tool is that if you don’t have any existing video analysis software, as long as you have a video file to upload onto MyTPA you can create your own highlight scheme then analyse the video online from any computer or tablet device. But if you do import an XML file into your project, you can still make use of highlight schemes online to add further analysis or open up the door for other members of your organisation to jump into the project and add their own analysis too. Mardyke Arena provide a video analysis service to many clubs from GAA, Rugby and Soccer (to mention a few!) in Ireland, so MyTPA gives them another platform (along with MyTPE) to deliver the full game analysis online which their different teams and players can then easily review.


We are really pleased when our long-standing users continue their trust in us by renewing, expanding or venturing into different solutions we provide so we would like to say a very big thanks to both Millfield School and Mardyke Arena!

If you want to learn more about MyTPA, please check out the Online Sharing area of our website products area and get in touch if you would like to try a demo.

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