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Nacsport Update Released

Last week saw the public release of the latest Nacsport update. This update was, as always, focussed on improving stability and adding new features into the different software versions, but the major change in the software which will benefit everybody is the new mechanism for handling video in Nacsport. With this huge development change, all users now have some really powerful playback controls in their hands for easily and smoothly moving frame by frame and fast forwarding and rewinding at different speeds. These controls were available before but only with certain video file types, so this change means that many more users can improve their work with Nacsport. We are encouraging all our users to update to this latest version and make sure that their Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service is current so that they can benefit from this.

There have also been new features added across the range of software, we will highlight some key features below. For full information on the update and features added, please visit this page on the Nacsport website. Remember that any feature added is inherited into the higher versions too.



  • Tag&Go integration: Create, import and export templates to and from Tag&Go.

Basic Plus

  • Export your matrix results to Excel as an XLS file.

Scout Plus

  • Import an Opta F24 file into Nacsport.

Pro Plus

  • Import slides from a PowerPoint presentation into your Nacsport presentation to use as image slides.


  • Export your matrix with the whole structure: When you create a template, you can pre-define the structure of your matrix for that template (available from Basic Plus), so when you go to export your matrix to Excel in Nacsport Elite, you can now choose to export the whole structure even if there are no corresponding results. This makes doing a long analysis of multiple matrix exports very easy as you will be able to keep the whole structure.
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