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New AP Viewer and Nacsport Users

We have more new users to announce this week! We will start with the Swedish National Football Team who have joined our AP Viewer community to provide them with a new method for disseminating the video analysis information they gather. By being able to put fully analysed games onto an iPad, the team will easily be able to review their timeline and matrix data without the need for internet access so they can keep improving their understanding, even when on the move!!

We also have a new Nacsport user, Hawick RFC. When we were in Scotland providing a Nacsport training day and general discussion on performance analysis workflows and what we can provide, Phil Leck from Hawick RFC attended and was looking to replace the current video analysis system they used with Nacsport as it proved to be more user friendly and more effective. That’s what we like to hear!! When we reflect it’s also great to see the broad depth of different users and teams we have using our range of products and services, proving that analysis can be for all.

Josh was on a small road trip yesterday meeting new and potential clients, but also took the time to drop in to Millfield School for a catch up with Charlie Barwis and the team (always beneficial to pop in around lunch time at Millfield too!!!). We’re really impressed with how Charlie has taken the school from being one that uses a bit of video feedback, to a school which uses high end professional processes throughout a wide range of sports and levels of performance. When talking through Charlie’s use of Nacsport, we were looking at the stats outputs that he has made which are really good. Through understanding the requirements of the coach and team, Charlie has produced some easy to review dashboard style outputs that supplement the video feedback provided, rather than overshadow the usable resources with reams and reams of data. Check out the AnalysisPro twitter feed to see examples of these!!

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