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Performance Advantage Ltd choose Nacsport

Today we would like to say a warm welcome to a new Nacsport user and partner, Performance Advantage Ltd. I met with Phil Dicks from Performance Advantage Ltd at the Carnegie Pavilion in Leeds back in July to showcase some of our different solutions and to also talk about the performance analysis industry as a whole. Phil has been involved with performance analysis for many years, so it was great to learn more about his background in the field and where he sees things moving forwards with regards to accessibility, uptake and education. We discussed a lot about job opportunities for upcoming analysts, the pros and cons of internships (for the intern!) and courses for people to learn about performance analysis if they can’t go down the traditional university route. It was a pleasure to share many of the same opinions as Phil about how interns/new analysts need to be heavily supported in their roles and how a lot of what they learn isn’t just to do with using equipment, but is actually about how to work within a team and make your opinion and voice count and be heard.

Phil currently has two young analysts working with him, Ellie Furmidge and somebody we know very well, George Brown. Ellie is a Bath University placement student and George is a full time intern. I’m sure that both George and Ellie will be learning a lot from Phil’s knowledge and experiences that he is providing them with, and it’s great that we can be a part of that process too.

The reason that we are now part of this process, is that after our meeting where I was showing different parts of our portfolio to Phil, he wanted to first pursue the ability to carry out a live capture, analysis and review process. For this, he chose a Nacsport Pro Plus licence as that enables him to do a live capture and analysis, but also through the use of a router for example, he can enable other devices to review the live dashboard and clips that are being created through the analysis that George is carrying out with Nacsport. The guys are connecting their video camera into the software through the use of the highly recommended Avermedia LGP Lite capture device, which takes a HDMI input and connects to the laptop via USB, giving you a 1080p capture into Nacsport (and the device powers itself from the laptop!). Below are some pictures showing the live setup and template that is currently being used by the team whilst they provide an analysis service to Durham University’s Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams.

George Brown has also kindly been sharing some pictures of his template and dashboard development in Nacsport on his twitter feed. George is a big believer in openly sharing ideas and resources to help benefit performance analysis as a whole, and if you haven’t checked out his 4 part blog about his PA journey so far, I strongly recommend you read it, especially if you are a new analyst wanting to get out in the field. You can check part 1 of George’s blogs here.

Phil has kindly provided us with some words about how the team are using Nacsport and how they plan to use it into the future too:

We’ve been coding our National League Hockey fixtures with Durham Universities Men’s and Women’s squads for the past 6 weeks using our new Nacsport Pro Plus software. We’re really pleased with the results and very excited too about the Live Review and Live Dashboard features and the impact that this might have on Durham and Yorkshire cricket next summer. AnalysisPro have been a great help in setting this up and guiding us through the early days. It’s already having a performance impact.

I would like to say a big thanks to Phil for choosing Nacsport Pro Plus for Performance Advantage Ltd and i’m really looking forward to working further with Phil, George and Ellie as they continue to use Nacsport with different teams and sports.

Below is a video showing the live analysis and review workflows that the team will be able to carry out:

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