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Rotherham Titans switch to Nacsport #SmartMove

After a very busy summer period, it’s about time that we shared some blog posts to welcome new users into our community! Today, I am pleased to say that we are once again working with Matt Harland in his new position as Head of Performance Analysis at Rotherham Titans. We have worked with Matt whilst he was at Moseley Rugby and are delighted that Matt wanted to use our solutions once again when moving to Championship Rugby club Rotherham Titans. Matt has shared some pictures and information detailing how Nacsport is used by the Titans and the benefits it has for the coaching staff and players. He has also kindly allowed us to show his match review template and Dashboard, so take a look at the video below to see an overview of this. The video also includes some tips for Nacsport users to get the most out of their Dashboards and templates, especially with using the Panel Flows feature.

I shall hand over to Matt now to reveal why the Titans made the #SmartMove from SportsCode to Nacsport.

When Andy Key (Rotherham Titans Head Coach) first approached me about the Performance Analysis position at Rotherham, our initial conversation was about the software and developing the Analysis department at the club.  We use video analysis as a major tool in both our training and match reviews. Having worked with the software and AnalysisPro in the past, I was very keen to bring in Nacsport and make the switch from SportsCode. We found our previous analysis software limiting, and as a coaching department we weren’t able to provide the players with the information they wanted and needed.

Similar to most clubs in the Championship, money effects how the club is run and after my initial conversation with Josh, it was clear we would be able to get much more from the software for much cheaper.

Rotherham Titans move from SportsCode to Nacsport

The club recently purchased 1 x Elite, 2 x Scout Plus Unlimited (each of these 3 also with KlipDraw Animate) and 3 x Nacsport Viewer licences, which as mentioned has allowed us to do a lot more for less money.  The 3 Viewer licences allow us to develop our own database on opponents and players can review their own performances in more detail. The Viewer licences are on computers the lads can access at any time during the week, so they can prepare effectively for the upcoming games. The club feels it is important for the players to have a major role in the performance analysis process, so the Nacsport presentation tool allows them to lead their own analysis sessions and provide feedback to the coaching staff.

Titans players getting hands on with Nacsport ViewerTitans coaches Nic Rouse and Andy Key reviewing on Nacsport

Along with myself, both Andy Key (Head Coach) and Nic Rouse (Forwards Coach) are new to the club and both coaches are new to Nacsport, however the software has allowed them to effectively review both training and games.

Both coaches have a Scout Plus Unlimited licence. The presentation tool has been a feature they have both liked, as it allows them to put together any points from previous games looking at attack, defence and set piece to feedback to the players in the weekly reviews.  We now have access to more angles on a match day as we get a tight and wide angle from the RFU and the software we have allows us to sync theses angles together for both players and coaches to review.

The final Nacsport licence we have is the Elite licence, which I use to code live during the game. This licence allows us to provide information to coaches during the match through the dashboard feature and post-match.  We are also able to stream information to the dugout for the players to see during the game so they can review live, with this workflow also allowing the Doctor and Physios to review any injuries and concussions.

Rotherham Titans players reviewing performances with Nacsport Viewer

Performance Analysis for a young squad like ourselves is key to help enable player learning and development. The number of tools that Nacsport offers is key to this growth in the players.  One of the new features we have access to is the KlipDraw integration. This is an exciting feature for the coaches and myself to have access to, as it allows us to be much more precise in highlighting key areas.

One of the most important aspects for me when switching to Nacsport is the support I have received both now and in the past from both Jon Moore and Josh Bryan.  They have been there from start to finish, no question has been too difficult to answer and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their products in the future.

Thanks to Matt for such a great overview of the video analysis processes used at Titans and for his praise about ourselves and Nacsport. As mentioned above, here is a video walkthrough giving you further insight to the template and Dashboard created by Matt and how it all works. Well worth a watch!!

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